Huddersfield is a large market town in West Yorkshire and is known for its imperative role in the industrial revolution. It has been a market town since Anglo-Saxon times and has grown hugely over the centuries.

The area dates back over 4000 years to Neolithic times, and evidence of an early settlement within Huddersfield itself can be demonstrated with the fort built on Castle Hill.

The town of Huddersfield is situated within the valleys of two rivers, the River Colne and the River Holme, and at the feet of the Pennine hills.

There are over 1,600 listed buildings in the town of Huddersfield, boasting impressive architecture and design from the Victorian period. Over 72% of the town is made up of green countryside and open space, making this town scenic and beautiful, with panoramic views all around.

During the industrial revolution, Huddersfield experience a lot of unrest, where trade fell and crops were unsuccessful, and many trades were at threat of losing their businesses due to the introduction of machinery and the industrial progressions that were made during this time.

There were an opposing group called the Luddites who destroyed machinery in protest, which led to increased welfare for those out of work and more regulation over working conditions in the 1800’s.

Huddersfield is predominantly a manufacturing town, mainly textiles and wool. Even though progression has been made in industry and technology, these industries are still a key part of Huddersfield’s livelihood.

The town has lots of Victorian architecture including the iconic landmarks; Victoria Tower, Huddersfield Town Hall and St Peters Church. There are plenty of parks and open spaces including Greenhead Park, and for people interested in natural history and historical exhibits, Tolson Memorial Museum.

Huddersfield is the birthplace of the Rugby League with their team the Huddersfield Giants, who were founded in 1895, and who continue to play today.

Huddersfield has a huge shopping district which comprises of three main shopping centres, and other high street stores too. The three main centres are Kingsgate, The Packhorse Precinct and The Piazza Centre.

The Piazza offers an outside shopping experience, with grass areas which host events, markets and ice-skating throughout the year. There is lots to do and see in Huddersfield from shopping and taking advantage of the modern parts of the town, to relishing in the towns historical side, and visiting museums and ancient buildings.