Northampton is located in the East Midlands. Northampton has a long history, originating as a walled town and castle around 1100, it is now the county town of Northampton and is the largest settlement in the UK not classed as a city.

The town was built along the banks of the River Nene, along with the Northampton castle, which regularly hosted the Parliament of England, and therefore became a significant town nationally.

Sadly, most of the town was destroyed during a fire in 1675, resulting in a re-build and restoration of the town which continued over into the next century.

The town continued to grow due to the Grand Union Canal, and with the railways which were established in the 19th century. The cathedral begun in 1864, to home the Roman Catholic bishopric, which was founded in 1850. The cathedral was completed in 1960.

Northampton quickly became a key location for the manufacture of both footwear and leather, and during the first world war, Northampton provided more than 50 million pairs of boots for allied soldiers.

In 1965, Northampton became an overspill town for London which was overpopulated, more than doubling Northampton’s population, and creating new housing and industrial estates in the area.

Transport improved as a result, including the M1 and direct train links into London. The town centre and the older buildings in the town were redeveloped to match the standard of the rest of the country, and help with modernisation.

More recently, on Good Friday 1998, Northampton suffered with severe flooding, which sadly killed 2 people and left thousands of others either without homes or with severe damage to their homes.

Northampton has applied to become a city on a number of occasions, but has unfortunately failed to do so and therefore remains a county town.

Northampton is situated in beautiful countryside with country parks and long walks for locals and visitors to enjoy. There are plenty of cycle routes and of course, the canal network.

The town centre has been redeveloped and has plenty to do for everyone, including; shops, restaurants, bars, museums and galleries, cinemas, theatres and spas!

If you enjoy motor racing, Northampton is the perfect place to visit, with locations such as Silverstone and Rockingham racing circuits close by.

Northampton is modern yet immersed in history and is surrounded by countryside, making it the ideal English town to add to your list of places to visit.