London Road Delapré Park,Northampton NN4 8AW

Delapré Abbey is a neo-classical mansion in the beautiful county of Northamptonshire. The mansion was originally a nunnery, and is also a former monastery, situated in the county town.

The abbey is made up of four areas around the courtyard, which are likely the remains of the cloisters and the original cloister walkways. There are no remains from the medieval building itself, except a small area which is thought to have been the walls of the old church.

There have been a great deal of renovations and updates to the building over the years, and the abbey looks very different today to how it did originally.

The abbey received lottery funding in 2013, allowing for a restoration project to begin, which started in 2016 and included development to allow the abbey to be open to the public. When this opened in 2018, this was the first time the abbey had been open to the public in over 900 years. The land surrounding the abbey homes around 500 acres of parkland, and 8 acres of formal gardens.

There is lots to see when visiting the surrounding land, including; a ha-ha wall, tree sculptures, Delapré Abbey Woods, the rock and water gardens and a lake.

Most of these elements were built in the 19th century, along with garden conservatories for growing peaches and grapes. These buildings still exist today.

There are tour guides who offer scheduled tours of the Abbey and grounds, including guided tours of the individual rooms, telling the story of Delapré Abbey.

There is a café at Delapré Abbey, serving tea, coffee and cake to those wanting a coffee break, or a break from exploring. There is also a restaurant for those looking for a meal, with either two or three courses available. There is free parking on-site and regular tours available.