Northampton NN1 2EW

The National Leather Collection is a museum dedicated to leathercraft which was founded in 1946. The museum houses one of the largest collections of leather items across the world. The collection is permanently based in Northampton, which is the centre of the UK’s leather industry.

Admission to the National Leather Collection is free, and houses over 10,000 objects, from clothing, shoes, toilets, saddles and more! The diverse collection includes over 5000 unique items with a library of over 3000 books about leathercraft.

The museum itself is an extension of John Waterer’s work, celebrating the motto ‘there is nothing like leather’.

The museum is located within the Grosvenor Shopping Centre, which is centrally located, making it easy to find for tourists and locals alike.

The Nenescape Partnership provided funding for the museum, which has allowed for the museum to work on digitalising the paper archives.

The National Leather Collection museum aims to make the archives accessible to everyone in the future, therefore recognising that digitalising the works is the best step forward. The archives will be available to the public from anywhere once this is complete, which should hopefully be in the near future.  

There are lots of events and workshops held at the National Leather Collection, and you can even try your hand at making your own items at one of the craft workshops.

The National Leather Collection work hard towards creating a community resource for everyone in Northamptonshire. Providing free community space, helping to connect the community, create job opportunities and allow individuals to create and sell hand-made leather goods.

The museum also aims to provide a space to engage with children and schools, who are looking to learn about the history of leather. The development plans aim to ensure all of these facilities are maintained and continued into the future.