Becket’s Park, Northampton NN1 5NL

Northampton Marina is conveniently located close to the town centre, making it the perfect place to moor if you are wanting to visit the town, or other areas of Northampton.

There is full residential or part residential mooring available at the marina, so if you are looking to visit briefly, or in a longer-term basis, Northampton could be the ideal location.

If you are looking to moor on a fully residential basis, you can live aboard the boat all year round, with a contribution to the council tax. There are limited spaces for fully residential moorings, so it is recommended to contact the marina in advance of re-locating to the area.

Mixed use mooring means that you are able to live at the marina, but you must vacate for 2 weeks every 6 months. Leisure use is also available and means that you are allowed to moor for three nights out of every seven.

The on-site facilities include everything you could need, such as laundry services, washrooms, showers, bicycle storage, a book exchange and WIFI. There are rubbish and waste facilities at the marina too. The pontoons in the marina are non-slip to ensure safety for residents and visitors.

Northampton Marina is extremely safe. The marina itself is fully enclosed and gated, with key fob only access to ensure general public can’t access the marina area. Along with the key fob entry, the marina has CCTV surveillance and a permanent site officer and duty officer.

There are BBQ and picnic area, equipped with picnic tables and green areas. Outside of the marina you will find Beckets Park, which offers large open grounds, tennis courts and nature walks.

As well as the green space next to the marina, there is lots to discover being in the heart of the county town of Northampton. The town has lots to offer in terms of bars, restaurants, shops and entertainment. There is always plenty to do in the town, whether that is browsing the shops or discovering the history of the town via its historical architecture and museums.