Folding shutters – otherwise known as ‘bi-fold shutters’ – are shutter panels that slide along a track and fold back when you need access to your window.

These sliding window shutters are perfect for a range of applications – from window coverings for large windows right through to taller panels for room dividers and wardrobe doors.

Here, we’ll explore folding shutters in more detail – looking at how they work, where they can be installed, the colours and styles available, and what your next steps should be if you’d like more information.

What are folding shutters?

To understand what makes folding shutters different, it’s useful to understand how standard shutter styles work.

Plantation shutters are often mounted in a frame that fits around your windows. Each shutter panel then opens inwards on a hinge.

Folding shutters work differently though. Rather than being mounted on your window frames, multiple panels are installed on a discreet track system.

Rather than opening on a hinge, these panels slide back completely, folding like a concertina as they do.

Not only does a folding system allow for maximum light when open, it also means shutters can be installed on much larger windows – even wide patio doors.

How do bi-folding shutters work?

Since shutters are often made of hardwood, it’s often assumed that multiple panels on a single track will be heavy and difficult to move – but this is far from the truth.

The magic is hidden in the upper track that folding shutters are mounted on.

This upper track holds almost all of the weight of the tracked shutters, so opening your bifold shutters is a one-handed job.

Can shutters be folded back?

Yes, folding shutters can be folded back – and quite how much they fold is up to you.

Our bi-fold shutter styles can come as either a 90-degree or 180-degree system.

If you’d like your shutters to fold right back against the wall, then a 180 system is ideal.

If you’ve got deep window apertures or just prefer your shutters to gather at the sides of your windows, the 90 system is perfect.

Where are bi-fold shutters used?

Although shutters are commonly used as window dressings, folding shutters are extremely versatile and have a wide range of applications:

  • Patio doors
  • Room dividers
  • Bespoke wardrobe doors
  • Large windows

Patio doors

Track shutters are perfect for patio doors – especially where normal shutters would get in the way of access or opening.

As well as offering great access, folding shutters between your home and a conservatory or orangery also offer an extra layer of insulation.

It can be hard to regulate the temperature in an orangery or conservatory – so an extra layer of hardwood will help to keep the rest of your house comfortable when the room’s not in use.

Room dividers

Sliding shutters that fold back make excellent room dividers – perfect for creating separate rooms and dedicated spaces within open-plan homes.

Perhaps you’d like to create a work from home space – or maybe you’d like to shut off your dining area from your living room, so you can eat and entertain without distractions.

Whatever kind of room divider is right for you, shutter panels will almost always be more cost-effective than building work – and you can always swap back to open-plan in seconds.

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Bespoke wardrobe doors

Bi-fold shutters are ideal as wardrobe doors – especially if you’d like to create a large wardrobe or storage space with a section of your room.

While louvres on bifold window shutters let you control the light, with folding plantation shutters on wardrobes or cupboard space, you can make sure your storage space is always light and airy.

Bi-folding shutters can be made to fit any shape too – and we can even make sure they’re finished to match existing features.

Large windows

A shutter design based on the bi-fold system is perfect for larger windows – opening fully to let the light flood in should you wish.

The track system that bi-folding window shutters are suspended on can be created to span any width – so even full-width floor-to-ceiling windows that are part of a barn conversion or apartment can benefit from the light control and privacy that shutters offer.

The benefits of folding shutters

Folding shutters will bring a host of benefits to your home, including:

  • Easy access to windows
  • An extra layer of insulation
  • Unbeatable privacy
  • Outstanding light control
  • Added kerb appeal
  • Simple to clean and maintain

Optional features

We have a range of optional features that add convenience to bi-fold shutters for windows or other larger openings.

The louvres on your folding shutters must be closed to let them fold back neatly.

While it only takes a few moments to close them by hand, our AutoClose option makes closing them fully automatic – saving time and effort.

If you’d like to take things one step further, folding shutters for windows can be fitted with PowerMotion technology.

A stylish and simple to use remote operates your louvres – opening, closing, or adjusting the angle of the tilt. PowerMotion is the perfect option for shutters fitted in harder-to-reach areas or behind furniture.

A huge range of colours

Since bi-fold shutters work in such a broad range of homes, they’re also available in an equally broad range of colours – so you can match your style perfectly.

Choose from a range of paint colours for your new shutters – from neutral pale tones like whites, creams, and light wood stains, to bold stand-out colours like black, grey, or dark wood.

If we don’t have the exact colour you have in mind, our colour match option means we can create tracked shutters that match any tone you have in mind.

Are folding shutters right for your home?

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When you do, you’ll be talking to one of our shutter experts – and they’ll be able to answer your questions and talk you through exactly what’s involved.

Don’t forget; there’s absolutely no obligation whatsoever – we’re simply here to give you all the information so you can decide whether folding shutters are right for your home.

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