Lumb Lane, Almondbury, Huddersfield HD4 6TA

Castle Hill is located on the hilltop overlooking Huddersfield, in the Almondbury area. Castle Hill has a tower, which is a focal point of the area, and symbolises the reign of Queen Victoria. Settlement in this area of Huddersfield dates back over 4,000 years.

The tower itself, named Victoria Tower, is a Grade II listed building. Castle Hill has been a centre point for locals and tourists for many years, and with its beauty and stunning views, is a well sought-after place to visit in the area.

The tower, located on Castle Hill, was built to commemorate the long reign of Queen Victoria, as she was the longest reigning queen of 60 years at the time. Victoria Tower was opened in 1899 and is sometimes called the Jubilee Tower.

The hillfort at Castle Hill was built in the early Iron Age, which is estimated to have been around 555BC. Over the years the landscape and settlements here have changed dramatically, some changes caused by erosion and environmental factors, and some from human changes.

Castle Hill was likely used as a place for meetings, including political and religious meetings. There is even evidence that dog fights, cock fights and bare-knuckle fights were hosted here.

Now-a-days, Castle Hill has become a popular location for those wanting to take a walk outside of the town, and enjoy the open space that surrounds Castle Hill and Victoria Tower. The location is also popular with kite flyers due to the high winds and beautiful surroundings.

You can visit Victoria Tower, which has varying opening hours over the year depending on the season and the weather, and admission is just £2. There is parking with steps up to the hillside on Castle Hill, so it is easily accessible.