Heckmondwike Road, Dewsbury WF13 2SA

Crow Nest Park is situated in the Dewsbury Moor area of Dewsbury. The park was originally developed on the grounds of a country house estate in the 1700’s, and was opened to the public in 1893.

The original purpose of the park was to help bring the countryside to a predominately industrial area, providing open space, greenery and wildlife. The park has amazing views of the town and the surrounding countryside.

Crow Nest Park was created to have one acre of land per every 400 inhabitants of the area, this was much larger than any other parks in the surrounding areas. The intention was to have space for everyone without overcrowding.

At this time, this was very desirable, quickly making Crow Nest Park favourable over even larger towns parks and recreational grounds.

In the 1920’s there was a plan to remove the park and replace it with a rose garden instead. The local residents voted for this until they realised that the roses would only be in flower for a short period of the year, so re-voted and requested the park to stay. This was accepted and the park still remains today.

There is a museum in the mansion within the grounds, which showcases real life stories and various historical journeys. The museum is particularly popular with children, making it the ideal place for taking children over the summer holidays and half terms.

There are tennis courts within the park, along with an outdoor gym for those looking to work out or exercise in the park. There are children’s play areas, a lake, and a café, making Crow Nest Park the perfect place for a family day out. There are various activities held here throughout the year, including the Classic Car Festival.