Rugby Rd. off the A428, Northampton NN7 4HQ

Althorp House is situated just outside of the beautiful countryside in Northampton. The House itself is a Grade I listed stately home and was built for the Spencer family around 1688.

This mansion is the replacement for an earlier house which was on the land. In the 18th century, Althorp had become a social and cultural hub and the Spencer family often held parties and social events for the elite.

In 1788, changes to the building were made, including building mathematical tiles around the Tudor red brickwork, adding four Corinthian pilasters to the front of the property and adding extensions to the building.

The Althorp grounds contain a total of 28 listed buildings and structures, some of which are planting stones, the falconry, the Gardeners House, the West and East Lodges and the Stables, all of which are listed buildings.

Princess Diana was buried here within a tomb in 1997 following her death. The tomb sits on a small island in the middle of the Round Oval Lake on the property grounds. There is a small temple with Diana’s name inscribed just across from the lake which is open to the public in July and August along with the manor house.

Access to the home is via guided tour only, during the summer months. The tour showcases the unique interiors, along with furniture, pictures and ceramics from over time making it one of Europe’s largest collection.

You can visit the stunning gardens and surrounding park, along with the private lake within the grounds. There is a café in the stables which was built in the Anglo-Palladian style in 1732, offering a range of food and drinks to visitors, within the beautiful historic location. This is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the scenery and architecture.