Northampton NN7 1LJ

Castle Ashby Gardens is situated within the 10,000-acre estate, and the gardens themselves equate to 35 acres of the grounds.

Within the gardens there are Italian Gardens and the Orangery, Butterfly and Secret Gardens, Maltese Cross and The Rainbow Border, and the Arboretum & Nature Trail.

The Orangery dates back to 1872 and includes many different species of plants including camellias, fuchsias, ficus and eucalyptus.

The butterfly and secret gardens house butterflies, bees and insects and scented plants such as lavender, roses and jasmines. The butterfly house itself is a grade I listed greenhouse and houses many different species of fuchsia, and during the summer months has over 180 different species.

The Maltese Cross is a cross made from various plants such as sisyrinchium, iris, rue, campanula, anaphalis and Scottish thistle. The colours show silver, blue and white during the summer months.

The Rainbow Border is directly behind the cross, and as the name suggests, have the colours of the rainbow planted in different colour blocks, made up of whites, yellows, reds, pinks and blues.

The Arboretum dates back to the 1860’s. The word itself means ‘a collection of trees’ and the garden houses pines, spruces, yews and holly. There are also lots of wild flowers in this area of the gardens at Castle Ashby.

At Castle Ashby Gardens, there is also a menagerie, housing a variety of different animals from meerkats and tortoise, to pigs and goats. You can even book a private meerkat feed at the gardens.

The gardens host a range of events across the year, including Easter egg hunts, summer fun days, open air cinemas and a pumpkin hunt for Halloween.

In a Walled Garden, there is the tea room, which you can visit outside of entry to the gardens. There is a selection of cakes, sandwiches, teas and coffees here and you can even book High Tea to enjoy in the historical setting.