Arched shutters offer a beautiful and unique way to dress windows that would otherwise be lost behind curtains or blinds.

Our made-to-measure way of working means an arched shutter can be created to fit virtually any window space.

Here, we’ll take a detailed look at arched interior shutters, including – what kinds of arch-shaped shutters are available, the benefits of arched shutters, and the steps you should take when you’re measuring arched windows for your new shutters.

What are arched window shutters?

An arched shutter is one that’s made specifically for an arch-shaped window or opening.

More often than not, these special shapes appear at the top of windows or doorways. This can make dealing with an arch shape difficult.

The way curtains and blinds are hung means your arch will generally be hidden away – or you’ll have fabric coverings that just don’t work correctly.

Arched shutters do away with this problem completely.

Made-to-measure for your specific window, plantation shutters for arched windows are the perfect fit and accentuate a stunning feature in your home.

Can you get shutters on arched windows?

Yes. A special shaped shutter – or shutters – can be created to fit an arched window perfectly.

In fact, there are different ways you can work with an arched window. Let’s take a look at both in more detail:

  • Isolating the arch
  • Including the arch

Isolating the arch

You may decide to isolate the arch. With this approach, a frame is made that turns your arched window into two shapes – a large rectangle that will house standard plantation shutters, then the semi-circle shape at the top to house a special shaped shutter.

The arch shape shutter at the top of the frame will usually be hinged at the bottom, allowing access to the window.

When the arch shape is isolated, the upper shutter usually becomes decorative only – but will be designed in a way that complements the window shutters in your room.

Including the arch

Alternatively, you may wish to include the arch in the overall shape of your shutters.

In this case, a frame would be made that surrounds the entire window and two specially shaped shutters created that include half of the arch shape at the top of each.

Since this approach means the whole window is covered by two shaped panels, it also means the maximum amount of light is let into the room when those panels are opened.

By including the arch in the design of the plantation shutters, you will also benefit from louvres that open in the arch shape too.

Other arched shutters

It’s not only windows that include an arch shape. Arched shutters are suitable for a huge range of applications, including:

  • Gable ends and barn conversions
  • Church windows
  • Triangular arches

Gable ends and barn conversions

When barns, lofts or working buildings are turned into residential properties, there are often unconventional shapes that become impressive features in the new home.

Large archways that house windows or patio doors are not uncommon – and they can prove problematic for blinds and curtains.

Arched shutters can be made to virtually any size – so even entire gable ends that have been converted into windows can benefit from the light control and privacy that comes with curved window shutters.

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Church windows

A significant number of churches have been converted into modern houses and apartments – and impressive arched windows that meet in a point at the top are often preserved.

Arch shaped shutters can be made to help with light control in these impressive features.

Triangular arches

Although not strictly an arch, triangular windows are a common feature on properties that have been converted or extended.

Like arched shutters, triangular shutters can be created to fit these spaces perfectly – even very large or very small triangular arches.

What are some benefits of arched plantation shutters

Arched window shutters don’t just look beautiful; they also bring a series of practical benefits to your space.

  • Privacy
  • Light control
  • Full window access
  • Simple maintenance
  • No trapped dust or allergens
  • Improved kerb appeal


An arched shutter lets you control privacy without shutting the daylight out altogether.

Angle the louvres so passers-by can’t see into your home – but allowing the sunlight to still flood in.

Light control

Window shutters offer the very best level of light control. If you want to bathe in glorious sunshine, then they can be opened or retracted fully.

However, if you’d prefer to dim the light – or shut it off almost entirely – just adjust the slats to your liking.

Full window access

By including the arch in your opening shutter design, you can still access your entire window.

This makes it easier to keep your windows clean – and is perfect if your window opens completely – either for safety reasons or simply to allow the breeze into your space.

Simple maintenance

Shutters couldn’t be easier to clean and maintain.

There’s no washing or dry-cleaning involved – just an occasional flick with a feather duster and wipe with a damp cloth.

No trapped dust or allergens

Unlike a fabric window covering, window shutters don’t attract or trap dust, pollen, or other allergens.

This doesn’t just make your home feel cleaner – it makes your room a nicer place to spend time!

Improved kerb appeal

Shutters make your home stand out from the crowd – even more so when they’re framed by impressive arched windows.

While other window dressings are designed to look good from inside your property, plantation shutters look good from every angle.

How do you measure arched windows?

We have designed and fitted a huge number of arch-shaped shutters, and it’s reasonable to say that it’s a much more complicated process than standard rectangular plantation shutters.

With an arch, there are a number of angles to consider.

In fact, in some period properties, the arches we have measured are sometimes imperfect – with differing angles and sizes that need to be factored into the design.

Whether perfect or not, an arch shape simply will not fit unless it’s been very precisely measured.

This is why we always insist on a professional measuring visit before your design begins.

A home visit also gives us the opportunity to talk to you about the design you’re hoping the achieve.

When one of our expert design team visits, it also gives you the opportunity to ask questions, look at samples, and consider any options you’d like to include for the perfect finish.

Needless to say, there’s never any obligation if we visit to measure.

We’ll take the measurements and let our impressive arched shutters speak for themselves!

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