Aluminium shutters offer a blend of beautiful looks and exceptional security.

Our aluminium Portchester shutters are perfect for adding an extra layer of security to vulnerable windows or windows you’d like to be able to keep open.

You can explore some of the features of our aluminium security shutters in more detail here.

Why aluminium?

Aluminium is one of the most popular manufacturing materials in the world – and for many good reasons.

Not only is it light and extremely strong, but it is also exceptionally corrosion-resistant – so it stands up to moisture and the elements very well.

Of course, it’s not just aluminium’s properties that make it an excellent choice as a construction material – there’s the environment to think about too.

Aluminium is 100% recyclable and completely non-toxic.

Recycling aluminium uses just 5% of the energy required to extract new aluminium – and the majority of aluminium in use today has previously been recycled.

Aluminium for shutters

With its impressive properties, aluminium was the obvious choice for our Portchester security shutters.

Being lightweight and strong means effortless operation without compromising on security.

What’s more, aluminium’s durability means you can be confident that your new plantation shutters are going to stand the test of time too.

Aluminium isn’t affected by wind, rain, saltwater, or any other environmental factors, and we further add to aluminium’s tough properties by adding a smooth, long-lasting powder-coated finish.

This makes Portchester shutters suitable for installation either inside or outside your home.

Like our other shutters, you can choose from a range of operation styles and configurations to suit your space.

Full-height shutters offer a beautiful contemporary look – and bypass or bi-fold track shutters bring this look to wider windows, patios, and conservatory doors.

The benefits of aluminium shutters?

Despite being tougher and more security-focused, aluminium shutters still feature many of the benefits you’ll find throughout our range of wooden shutters.

For instance, aluminium window shutters offer:

  • Increased kerb appeal
  • Low maintenance and quick cleaning
  • Outstanding light control
  • Increased privacy

Our Portchester shutters are available in a range of colours too – including satin white, prime white, charcoal and light grey.

If there’s a colour you have in mind and we don’t have it immediately available, our custom colour service will match it perfectly for you.

Aluminium shutters offer unbeatable light control and privacy

People often choose aluminium shutters for windows that are easily accessed from the street or from neighbouring properties.

Naturally, this makes security a priority – but you also have privacy to think about with these accessible windows.

While roller shutters and security grilles keep people out, they also shut the daylight out of your property.

Aluminium shutters give you outstanding light control without worrying about home security or privacy.

If you’d like the daylight to flood in without opening your home up to passers-by, just adjust the louvres accordingly.

Alternatively, if you’d like absolute privacy, you can close the louvres completely and enjoy impressive room darkening.

Aluminium security shutters with sleek lines

Plantation shutters are a popular choice for homeowners that want window dressings with clean and tidy lines. This is exactly what our range of aluminium shutters offer.

Porchester shutters feature a hidden tilt rod – an internal mechanism that controls the angle of the louvres.

Rather than an external rod that is twisted to open and close the shutters’ slats, the design allows for quick and easy adjustment by hand.

Hard-wearing 89mm louvres add to the aesthetic appeal too.

Even when your shutters are locked, these sleek slats can be opened and closed without reducing security.

Portchester shutters combine security and style

Our Portchester range offers a stylish alternative to security bars and grilles or roller shutters.

If you decide aluminium shutters are right for your property, they will be manufactured in South Africa – a world leader in home security solutions.

Your shutters will include patented Italian locks – which secure the top and bottom of the shutter panel into its made-to-measure surrounding frame.

To add an additional layer of security to the architectural grade aluminium shutter panels, the locking system – from lock and key through to the locking bolts – is made using tough stainless steel.

If your home was one of the 250,000 that was broken into last year, these intruder resistant features will offer peace of mind that’s difficult to find with any other attractive window dressing.

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Which properties might benefit from aluminium shutters?

Security is an important feature in any property – but there are some standout homes and business premises where extra care should be taken.

Firstly, there’s the location of your property to consider.

If your home is isolated or in an area where burglaries are more common, it’s important to take additional steps to secure your windows and doors.

This is especially the case if you ever leave your home unattended for long periods of time.

Secondly, there are your windows to consider.

The age of properties in the UK means that single-glazed windows are still commonplace.

In fact, many Georgian and Victorian homes still have the original windows that were in the property when they were built 100+ years ago.

Single glazed windows are extremely vulnerable to criminals who want to enter your home – but aluminium shutters make entry virtually impossible – even if the glass is completely smashed.

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We believe our products speak for themselves – so there’s no obligation when you get in touch, and you won’t be put under any pressure by a salesperson.

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