Cottage shutters are a beautiful and functional addition to period properties here in the UK. Explore what we can do with cottage windows here.

What are cottage shutters?

Cottage window shutters are made-to-measure window dressings created with very specific property style and design features in mind.

Firstly, there’s size to consider. Cottages are often small properties – so window shutters that fit flush against the window frames don’t intrude into your living space.

There are also opening methods to think about too.

Window shutters for cottages can be designed to either swing open inwards – or retract along a hidden track system, again maximising space.

What is a cottage window?

The term ‘cottage window’ can mean two things. Perhaps most obviously, cottage windows are found in a traditional small cottage property – often in a rural or semi-rural location.

That said, cottage windows don’t just appear in small countryside cottage properties.

Cottage windows are very attractive – so the style is often replicated in larger homes, including farmhouses, barn conversions, and even modern properties that try to recreate that traditional feel.

Cottage windows are made up of a number of small panes, with decorative bars around those panes.

Cottage shutter styles

Shutters for cottages are available in a range of styles and colours.

Tier-on-tier shutters or cafe-style designs work especially well for sash windows – although if you’d like to add a little contemporary flair to your home, full height shutters look especially eye-catching.

Solid shutter panels look fabulous on period properties – and can’t be beaten when it comes to shutting the light out for a snug and cosy feel inside.

You can choose from a range of colours too. From traditional white and pale neutral tones – right through to bold greys and striking deep wood finishes.

What’s more, if there’s a colour you’d like that we don’t offer as standard, we can use our colour match service, so your shutters fit your interior design look perfectly.

Benefits of shutters on cottage windows

Shutters for cottage windows offer a range of benefits:

  • Improved insulation
  • Outstanding kerb appeal
  • Excellent light control
  • Unbeatable privacy
  • Quick and easy maintenance

Outstanding kerb appeal

Curtains and blinds are designed to look good inside your home – but the look from the kerbside leaves a lot to be desired.

Shutters, on the other hand, look great from all angles.

This means shutters elevate your property to onlookers.

After all, a beautiful period home deserves to look good, even when you want some privacy.

Excellent light control

The British sunshine is notoriously unpredictable, so taking the glare out of your eyes can often mean closing curtains mid-afternoon or dropping blinds halfway as the sun works across the sky.

Shutters offer unbeatable light control. With a quick adjustment of the louvres, you can let as much sunlight into your room as you want.

And, if it’s time for an early night or an evening in front of the TV, closing the slats completely offers fantastic room darkening.

Unbeatable privacy

Cottages often draw the eye of passers-by. While this attention is flattering – it can sometimes feel like your home is on show.

Shutters give you full control of privacy without shutting out the light.

Angle your louvres so your room isn’t visible at eye-level – then you can relax in peace without compromising on daylight.

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Quick and easy maintenance

Shutters couldn’t be easier to clean and maintain. Quite simply, they don’t attract and trap the same level of dust and allergens that fabric window dressings do.

If you do need to do a little spring clean, a quick flick with a feather duster will keep them looking good.

If you need to remove mucky fingerprints or cooking residue – a wipe from a damp cloth will bring them up as good as new.

We can create like-for-like shutters for listed buildings

It’s not uncommon for cottages to be listed properties – and this can sometimes present some challenges when it comes to window dressings.

If there is a specific protection order relating to the windows in your home, you may find that you need to replace existing shutters on a like-for-like basis.

Don’t worry if this is the case with your home.

We can match the current shutter style perfectly – as we have for thousands of other listed period homes.

Cottage window shutter challenges

It’s fair to say that house manufacturing methods have come on a long way in the last 300-400 years!

Today, our fitters can count on any window they work with will be a consistent shape – but that isn’t always the case with cottage windows.

Often, cottage windows are slightly ‘wonky’. While this adds charm and character to your home, it can make measuring for shutters very difficult – and many off-the-shelf shutters simply will not fit.

To add to this challenge, cottage walls are often very thick – and it’s not uncommon for the aperture that the window sits in to be smaller than the window itself.

This is where made-to-measure shutters come into their own.

Our expert fitters have worked with countless period properties around the UK – so we know the unique challenges we might face.

Whether wonky, straight, or deep in a thick window surround – we’ll make sure your shutters look perfect.

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