Victorian shutters are a breathtaking addition to a home. While these solid panel window shutters look especially fitting in late 19th Century Victorian-era houses, they can also perfectly complement a huge range of properties – from period cottages right through to modern homes with a traditional twist.

Here, we’ll explore Victorian shutters in more depth, looking at different styles and designs, the benefits they can bring to your home, and some situations when planning permission might insist that these authentic solid shutters are used in your property.

What are Victorian shutters?

Originally found on Victorian properties, Victorian shutters are solid panels that can be made to fit any window shape or size.

In most windows, the panels are hinged so they can swing inwards to open and let the light in.

In larger windows – or on patio doors – Victorian shutters can be installed on a track.

A track system allows for by-pass panels (sliding panels that overlap one another) – or a bi-fold design; hinged panels that fold back in a concertina fashion.

Both options allow quick and easy access to the opening windows behind.

Victorian shutters are ideal if you are:

  • Looking to complement a period property
  • Increase your home’s kerb appeal
  • Looking for a shutter design that looks great in a bay window

Different Victorian shutter styles

The Victorian shutter design that works perfectly in your house will somewhat depend on the style of windows you have.

In properties with original sash windows, tier-on-tier designs work well – allowing you to open just the upper or lower section of the shutters.

Alternatively, cafe-style shutters are a stylish option – offering privacy by covering the lower pane but leaving the upper pane open to sunlight.

If you’re looking to create a more contemporary style decor in a Victorian home, full-height shutters add impressive clean lines without losing the period charm of the solid panel design.

Victorian shutters for listed properties

If your Victorian home is a listed building, your local planning authority may impose special rules around the appearance of the property’s windows.

In some cases, this means the look of the original shutters must be maintained like-for-like.

Victorian shutters from Shuttercraft are the ideal solution if you find yourself in this situation.

Our traditional frame making methods and period sympathetic designs means we can often perfectly match your original shutters.

Planning may refer to the shutter style as either ‘Victorian’, ‘solid panel’, or possibly ‘Shaker style’.

Whatever terms are used, our extensive range of designs and colour options means we’ll be able to help.

The benefits of Victorian plantation shutters

Victorian shutters will offer a range of benefits for your home, including:

  • Added insulation
  • Complete privacy
  • Improved room darkening
  • Increased kerb appeal
  • Increased property value

Extra insulation

Made from the best hardwood materials, all shutters add an extra layer of insulation to your room.

Victorian shutters go one step further though – the solid panels do an even better job of reflecting heat.

This heat deflection works in two ways.

Firstly, the warmth that you’ve created inside your home is locked in – especially useful if your shutters are going to be fitted on period sash windows.

Of course, it’s not just locking the heat in that’s useful. On hot summer days, it can be difficult to keep your home cool – but Victorian shutters will help make sure your home stays cool and comfortable.

Improved privacy

Shutters offer ultimate privacy. Many UK properties are either overlooked or face pavement and road – which can leave your living space visible to passers-by.

Victorian shutters close your room off from the world completely.

Ideal if you’d like to put your feet up and relax in privacy – whether you’d just like some peace and quiet, or if you’re keen to lose yourself in front of the TV.

Outstanding room darkening

All shutters offer improved room darkening properties compared to curtains or fabric blinds – but solid shutters take light control to the next level.

Since there are no louvres (also known as ‘slats’) in Victorian shutters, there’s a further reduced amount of light to creep through the gaps.

As such, a solid panel shutter is ideal for the bedroom – especially for shift workers who need to sleep while the sun is up.

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Added kerb appeal

While some window dressings are only designed to look good from inside a property, Victorian shutters add the most traditional English style both inside and out.

Bespoke shutters elevate the look of your home above all others on your street – so if you want to stand out for all the right reasons, shutters are the perfect solution.

Improved property value

First impressions count when valuing or selling a home – and there are few additions that make the same visual impact as shutters.

As such, made-to-measure shutters will make your home stand out.

If you want to be confident that your asking price won’t be nudged down and your home will stick in a buyer’s memory, shutters will do the job.

What’s the next step if you’d like Victorian shutters for your home?

If you think Victorian shutters would be the perfect addition to your home, contact us to arrange a survey with one of our shutter experts.

We don’t sell off-the-shelf shutters; in fact, every one of the wooden shutters we provide and install is made-to-measure specifically according to your specific design requirements and window sizes.

Your enquiry is completely obligation-free – and even when we visit to measure your home, we promise you won’t be put under any pressure. Instead, we’ll listen to your needs, answer all your questions, talk you through the order process, then provide you with a quote that you can keep and compare with other providers.

We’re confident that the quality of our products and our outstanding approach to customer service will speak for themselves!

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