If you’re thinking about window shutters for your home, it is often useful to know a little more about the windows you have and how shutters will work with them.

Here, we’ve explored a range of window styles in more detail – including the 8 most popular window types found in UK homes.

Why not explore how each of these windows works – along with some useful information about how shutters will complement your specific windows.

What are the different styles of windows in the UK?

There are 8 main window types commonly found on residential properties. They are; Casement, Twist and Turn, Sash, Sliding, Roof windows, Bay, Bow, and Transom windows.

Take a look at each style in a little more detail:

  • Casement | A window that’s attached to a frame with hinges at the side. Often, more than one casement window is contained in larger UPVC window frames. Small windows will sometimes hinge at the top.
  • Twist and Turn | A window that has a mechanical hinge. Can be opened sideways for full ventilation or tilted from the top for light ventilation.
  • Sash | Made of one or more moveable panels which are designed to slide vertically or horizontally. “Sashes” can be a single pane or made up of many panes.
  • Sliding | Made up of two or more frames, sliding windows slide side-to-side, overlapping like French windows or French doors.
  • Roof windows | A roof window is a single frame, single-pane window mounted in an aperture in a property’s ceiling and roof. Roof windows usually pivot to open inwards at the top and outward at the bottom. A roof window is sometimes known as a ‘skylight’.
  • Bay | A bay is a window that projects outward from the main wall of a room, usually with three angled sides. A bay window creates extra inside space and a wider view of the outside.
  • Bow | A bow window is similar to a bay window – and although it offers a wide field of view to the outside, it projects out at the level of the window, so doesn’t offer additional floor space.
  • Transom | A transom is a bar that forms the support on top of a doorway and is used to describe the non-opening window that sits above the door

Single, double, and triple glazing

Although some period properties still have single glazing, most modern homes have double glazed windows – and triple glazed windows are becoming more commonplace.

Double and triple glazed windows offer superior energy efficiency compared to single glazed windows – as they create additional layers that heat has to penetrate before changing the temperature in your home.

What are the most popular window types in UK homes?

Casement windows, sash windows, and skylights are the most popular window styles.

The popularity of casement windows is largely down to versatility.

Most double glazed windows are one or more casement UPVC windows in a single frame – and this means that the panels can be configured to match the style of the home and the homeowner’s exact requirements.

It is common to see casement windows with single, double, triple, and quadruple panels. Large casement windows can often have more.

Window coverings

The term ‘window coverings’ – sometimes referred to as ‘window treatments’ – describes anything used to manage natural light, thermal insulation, and privacy around your windows.

In the UK, coverings for windows are ordinarily found on the inside of the window.

Take a look at the three most commonly found window treatments – along with some of the specific names and styles:

  • Shutters | window shutters, plantation shutters, shutter blinds
  • Blinds | window shade, shade, horizontal blinds, Venetian blind, roller blind, honeycomb blind, fabric blind, vertical blinds, Roman blinds
  • Curtains | drapes, drop curtain, nets, panels

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Window shutters offer complete flexibility of design

Virtually every different window type listed here has a slightly different frame style – with endless variations around which sections open, where horizontal and vertical bars are located, and whether or not the windows need to be used as a means of exiting the house in an emergency.

While curtains and blinds simply hang in front of the glass, shutters can be designed to complement and operate around any window style – matching the design and working with your home decor perfectly.

Do shutters suit any window?

Yes – from original sash windows and older double glazing units right through to ultra-modern triple glazed windows, shutters look great against any window.

This is thanks again to how flexible the Shuttercraft design team can be when helping you decide on the right shutters for your windows.

We don’t sell off-the-shelf shutters – so each of your new made-to-measure shutters will be made to match your windows perfectly.

Measuring your window for shutters

As well as the different windows we’ve listed here; there are countless combinations of size, shape, and frame types in properties around Britain.

This makes taking accurate measurements tricky – especially when you have to account for how your windows and shutters will open.

This is why we insist on a professional measurement visit before we put pen to paper on your shutter designs.

We’re proud to create and install flawless shutters here at Shuttercraft – and that eye for detail starts with careful professional measurements.

Would you like to find out more about shutters for your window type?

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When we come to your home, we’ll take accurate measurements to create a personalised quote – and we’ll show you the huge range of style and design options you can choose from.

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