Spring has arrived! Across the UK, the daffodils are out, evenings are lighter, and the yearly task of spring cleaning is looming. According to a survey by UKDN Waterflow, “73% of the UK engages in a spring clean every year”, noting that May is the most popular time for this activity.

Ranging from smaller jobs such as dusting or mopping right up to larger tasks such as cleaning gutters or repainting, spring cleaning takes in a broad range of activities. It doesn’t just offer a chance to clean, it lets you revisit your décor and furnishings, renovating your home, so it looks its best.

Having a cleaner home with an added splash of colour can help improve the mood of you and your loved ones, so this spring, why not use the opportunity to have the spaces you love looking spick and span.

Spring renovations provide a great opportunity to make homes lighter

Painting the walls (outside or in), replacing wallpaper, or investing in new window coverings can make your interiors seem lighter, much more in keeping with the season. Whether you are looking to add some more colour or choose something to complement more vibrant walls or furnishings, spring presents a great opportunity to do so.

Lighter walls help create bright homes. Minimalist white or classic cream is usually the most popular choice, but you may also be thinking of something more adventurous, such as a startling yellow or warm red. A splash of colour can help lift your mood – so it follows that the bigger the splash, the more the spirits are lifted!

In addition to cleaning and redecorating, new window coverings such as blinds, shutters or drapes can help make a lighter home. The versatility of window shutters means you can control the light levels, opening louvres or panels as desired, whatever the time of day.

A white (or light) window covering adds elegance and can make a room look bigger and brighter, working well to emphasise the splash of colours already featured as part of your interior design.

If your existing interiors are more muted, you should be thinking of picking a colour and design that makes your space gleam, matching the mood of spring. Bright colours for your furnishings, such as a lively yellow or pretty pink, can make a massive difference in the places you love the most.

At Shuttercraft, we help you get the best window coverings, letting you choose the colours and styles to suit your taste. We even offer a custom colour option, so we know you’ll find a shutter or blind to help create a lighter home this year.

Spring cleaning helps breathe new life into the spaces you love

The annual spring clean provides a good opportunity to help keep a home cleaner and promote healthy living among the people you love. Whether washing windows, hoovering difficult corners or dusting bookcases, cleaning is not just an unnecessary chore, it also helps promote healthier living.

Certain furnishings may be more to your taste, such as curtains or drapes, although these easily trap dust and germs. It is worth using this time to consider changing your furnishings, breathing new life into your home, storing less dust and making it easier to clean, an important step for allergy sufferers.

As an example, your choice of window covering can affect the ease of your spring cleaning. Venetian blinds and shutters are easy to clean and maintain. Rather than having to wash and dry (or hoover) fabrics such as curtains or blinds, just wipe your shutters or Venetians with a cloth, and you’re done.

At Shuttercraft, we help make light work in your space. Why not get in touch with your local shutter specialist today and find out how we can help bring a splash of colour into your home?

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