Phyllis Court Drive Marlow Road, Henley-on-Thames RG9 2HT England

Built on the site of a 14th century manor house and featuring walls built by Oliver Cromwell Phyllis Court is a private members club in Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire, England, standing on the banks of the River Thames near Henley Rugby Football Club, five minutes’ walk from Henley town centre. It opened as a private members club in 1906.

Primarily a bar and hotel, it features recently modernised, extensive fitness facilities and is a popular place to watch the Henley regatta. It is available for conferences and weddings. It is now also open to room bookings by the general public, though these are subject to certain restrictions, and does not confer the full benefits of membership. Parking is segregated, for instance, there is a restriction on minors using the pool, and there is a strict dress code, which you should check before visiting. Overall there is a very traditional feel to the place.

Membership prices are not disclosed, and, though one does not necessarily have do be proposed and seconded by an existing member, all prospective memberships will be scrutinised by the committee and subject to an interview.

It has had many important and royal visitors over the years including Queen Anne in 1604, Oliver Cromwell in 1643, when he used the site as a garrison during the Civil War and built the wall, known today as Cromwell’s Wall, from the rubble of the destroyed Manor house. King Edward VII, King George V and Queen Mary (for whose visit the original grandstand was built) in 1912. Edward VIII as Prince of Wales, Patron of the Club and Queen Elizabeth II who visited in 1998.

The origins of the name are somewhat disputed, it was originally known as Fillets Court, and this is linked both to the local crop of hay, and to an ancient name for the rose