Do you want to make your house look more valuable?

With a few tips and tricks, you can make a huge difference to the kerb appeal of your house. Learn how to make it look more valuable to guests and even potential buyers.

We all want to know how to make our house look more valuable from the outside. Having good kerb appeal is a must if you want to put your property on the market. Or, even if you simply want to impress guests. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to make your house look more valuable. You can consider big and expensive changes or a few quick fixes. Keep reading for some inspiration.

What is kerb appeal?

The term ‘kerb appeal’ means how attractive property is from the street view outside. It means not only the building but also the surrounding area. This includes the driveway, garden, and any enclosures such as fences or walls.

Why is kerb appeal important?

Focussing on kerb appeal is a must if you want to put your home on the market. This is because it can help you get more interest in the property. It can also increase the value of your home, and it can even increase the value of the street you live on.

Appealing to passers-by

Anyone who has invested in the outside of their home will find more passers-by stopping to admire it. Even if those passers-by are not in the market, their admiration of your home could have a ripple effect. They could tell their friends or even start considering a purchase themselves.

The first impression for potential buyers

The view of your property from the outside is its first impression on potential buyers. When arriving at a property, buyers will be put off straight away by a poorly-kept exterior. This is true even if they have seen photographs or a virtual tour of an immaculate home inside. Good exterior photos on your house listing are also likely to attract more viewers.

First impressions are extremely important when buying a house. They can hold sway over a buyer’s attitude when they enter. If there is no kerb appeal, there’s a good chance that a buyer will have already been put off your home. Unfortunately, this could end up being the deciding factor as to whether or not they make an offer.

Increasing house value

Homes with an attractive exterior are often considered worth more than those without. According to research carried out by Dulux, the difference in value can be up to 23% more for an attractive house!

Adding value to your home is, without a doubt, a priority for those who wish to sell. Thankfully, it’s not always hugely expensive to do so. There are many ways to increase the value of your home – and the surrounding area.

How to Make Your House Look Valuable From the Outside

From exterior renovations to cleaning up, there’s a wide variety of kerb appeal ideas to consider. And, these ideas don’t always have to break the bank. Just because your house looks more valuable, it doesn’t actually have to be expensive.

Kerb Appeal Ideas

Improving kerb appeal in the UK can be a small or large-scale project. It’s up to you.
If you’re limited on budget or time, there are still plenty of ideas to make the most of.
The below kerb appeal ideas will make your house more valuable looking.

1.    New windows and doors

Whatever type of house you own, new windows and doors can make a huge difference to the exterior. Doors that need repairing, are old or poorly fitting, will make your home look less attractive. They could also drive away potential buyers who won’t want to have to invest in doors and windows in the future. The value and kerb appeal of your home will surely improve with some new doors and windows.

worker installing new plastic pvc window


According to, the average cost of replacing a window in a UK home is £400. This is unless you live in the London area, where you can expect to pay 10-15% more.

At this rate, to replace all the windows in a three-bedroom home you should expect to pay between £3,500 and £5,000. For the same size property in London, it could be anywhere between £3,850 to £5,750.

The same source says that a new UPVC front door, including fitting, costs an average of £650.

Potential additional value to the house

Estate agents in the UK have said that new windows and doors can improve the value of a home. Especially if they are going from single-glazed to double-glazed windows. Double-glazed windows are a must-have feature for homes today.

The value of a house can increase by up to a massive 10% with new windows and doors. This means a home in the London area could go from £800,000 to £880,000, thanks to an investment of less than £6,000.


In addition to the increased value of your home, new windows and doors have many other benefits:

  • Insulation. New windows and doors will improve the insulation of your house. This means less money spent on heating it.
  • Comfort.  New windows and doors can make your home more comfortable because they keep more warmth in and cold air out.
  • Style. New windows and doors can radically change the look of your home. There’s a wide variety to choose from.

Tips to improve existing windows and doors

If you’re not able to replace your windows and doors, try these ideas to improve their appearance instead.

  • Make sure you keep them clean, especially when potential buyers are due to visit. Check the glass and the surrounds, both inside and out.
  • Keep them cobweb-free – cobwebs dangling on the corners or handles look messy.
  • Touch up paint, if it’s needed, on wooden doors and frames. Sanding and a lick of fresh paint can make a big difference to old windows and doors.

2.    Freshly painted brick

Recent research showed that cracked paint on the exterior of a house gives off a bad impression. It also revealed that 46% of people think white or cream painted houses are the most attractive. The fact that fresh paint can have such a big impact should be very reassuring. This is because it’s a fairly cheap way to improve the kerb appeal of your property.

A row of Colourful Old Terraced Houses in the London Neighbourhood of Notting Hill on a Sunny Autumn Day


The price for painting the outside of a house will vary. It depends on the size of the property and the materials used. Also, whether the homeowners will do the job themselves.

According to the average cost to paint the outside of a house in the UK is £850-£1,150. This is if it’s done by a professional. In London, this increases to £1,250-£1,500. The price will depend on the size of your house, the experience of the painter, and the quality of paint.

Of course, the cost will be much lower if you do the work yourself as you only need to worry about the price of materials. In this case, it’s estimated that the job will cost around £500.

Potential additional value to the house

Dulux’s research showed that Brits expect to pay up to 23% more for a freshly painted house. While a lick of paint may not add much value to a property, it shows what kind of difference this work can have.

US-based Consumer Reports say that fresh paint on the outside of a property can increase its value by 2 – 5%.


Other benefits of painting the outside of your house include:

  • Protection. Use correct, high-quality paint, to protect your property from weather damage. This is especially helpful for those living by the sea.
  • Personalisation. You may be restricted by local council and neighbourhood rules when it comes to the colour of your house. But, by painting it, you do have some options to make your house more personal to your style.
  • Easy to find. A painted house that stands out can be helpful when giving directions to visitors. It’s easier to find the ‘white house at the end’ than one in a row of red-bricks.

Tips for painting a house exterior

Before painting the outside of a property, you need to decide if you’ll do it yourself or hire a professional. Some tips to do either are:

  • Be patient. If you’re doing it yourself, don’t rush the job – instead, take your time and avoid mistakes.
  • Buy quality materials. Invest in good quality brushes, primer, and oil-based paint. This will make all the difference to the final look.
  • Research professionals. If you choose to pay a professional, spend time reading reviews. Get recommendations first.

3.    Driveway renovations

A driveway is one of the most important parts of a property exterior. Driveways that have been neglected can be unattractive and even unwelcoming. This will be very unhelpful when trying to sell your house. A newly renovated or replaced driveway, on the other hand, has a clean and stylish look.

Chrysanthemum perennial plants, (hardy mums,) with yellow flowers, in an English garden border in Autumn, UK


The cost of a driveway renovation project in the UK varies. It depends on the material and size of the land. It’s also recommended that you have a professional company carry out the work. This is despite the fact that this will add to the price.

Home Advice Guide estimate that the average price to tarmac a driveway is £1,500 in most of the UK. This is for an average 60metre-squared space. It can cost as much as £3,500 in London and the surrounding areas. say that the average cost to pave a 55metre-squared driveway is £4,500 – £5,000 in London. This is reduced to £3,500 to £3,750 in the north of the UK.

Other materials such as concrete or resin, or a surface of pebbles, slate, or bark can also be attractive. These too will differ in price.

Potential additional value to the house

According to Virgin Money, an ‘attractive driveway’ can increase the value of your home by between 5% and 10%. This will be between £34,000 and £68,000 in London (the average price of a London house is £680,000). In the rest of the UK, the additional value could be between £11,500 and £23,000 (the average price of a house in the UK is £230,000).


As well as the increased property price, a renovated driveway has other benefits. These include:

  • Vehicle protection. A smooth replacement driveway will protect the tyres of vehicles parked on it.
  • Less weeding. Some driveway materials, such as brick paving or resin, reduce the need for weeding.
  • Pride in your home. Each time you arrive at your newly surfaced driveway, you’ll be proud of the stylish, clean appearance.

Tips for renovating a driveway

If you’re looking to replace or improve your driveway, be aware of the following tips. These will help keep the project on track and on time;

  • Invest in quality materials. Whether you decide to carry out the works yourself or hire a professional, don’t skimp on the materials. Cheaper options might be tempting but they’re unlikely to last.
  • Keep on top of maintenance. After the renovation is completed, pay attention and don’t neglect it. Weed any areas that need weeding, clean spillages, and sweep up regularly.

4.    Garden landscaping

Another very effective way to make your house look more expensive from the outside is to work in the garden. For some people, this may mean staying on top of weeding and pruning plants. However, for others, this could involve a larger project; landscape gardening. Either way, an attractive front garden is an impressive feature and a great kerb appeal idea.

Landscape Architecture – Blueprint for a private Garten. Crayons and Pen lying on the Plan. Idea and Drawing is my own Work (Andreas Krappweis Private Gardens), Building, Ground and Garden is fictitious.


Landscape gardening is known to be an expensive project. This is because these professionals work hard to create a bespoke garden that no one else has. The homeowner works closely with the gardeners to see their design ideas brought to life.

The average cost of garden landscaping is £2,750 according to House Beautiful magazine. You should expect to pay more than this for a large garden. It will also cost more for a home in the London area, where you could pay upwards of £7,000.

If the cost is outside your budget, consider what (if any) parts of the work you can carry out yourself. For example, you might need the help of a professional to create different levels of grass. A pebble path, on the other hand, you could probably lay yourself.

Potential additional value to the house

While the cost of landscape gardening works is high, the return on your investment can be massive. A landscaped garden can increase the value of a home by an incredible 77%. This is according to research carried out by Post Office Money. This makes this kerb appeal idea one of the most effective ways to make your house look more expensive.


Landscape gardening works have many benefits that a homeowner can enjoy.

  • Create a peaceful space. A newly renovated garden offers a tranquil area where home-owners can relax.
  • Grow your own produce. Many people choose to include a vegetable patch or some fruit trees in their garden. This means you can benefit from growing your own fresh food.
  • Opportunity for creativity. Working with a landscape gardener, you can design your own outdoor space. This should reflect the personality of the household. You can make bold choices with statement features or be colourful with masses of flowers.

Tips for landscape gardening

A landscape gardening project can seem daunting, however, the rewards are huge. Consider these tips to help make the process easier:

  • Don’t overfill the garden. It’s easy to get carried away with excitement and plan to include all sorts of features in the garden. Good advice is to keep things clean and simple with a few main features.
  • Seek recommendations. When hiring a landscape gardener, be sure to read reviews and ask for recommendations. You want to find people who are easy to work with and efficient.
  • Do what you can yourself. To help keep costs down, consider what areas of the project you can do yourself.

5.    Replacing or refreshing borders

One of the first parts of a home exterior that a potential buyer will see is its borders. This means you want to avoid poorly maintained fences, gates, or brick walls. A simple and fairly cheap way to make your house look more expensive is to replace or repair these.

Ontario, Canada.


The cost of refreshing borders can cost as little as £10-£20 for the paint you need. For larger projects, like if a brick wall or fencing needs replacing, can cost a lot more.

New fencing

To hire a professional to fit eight fence panels costs £700 – £1,000, according to However, standard fence panels can be bought for roughly £30 each. With all the other materials required, it’s estimated that to do the job yourself will cost around £600.

New brick walls estimates that building a brick garden wall costs between £800 and £1,200. This includes materials and labour. If you can do the work yourself, materials alone will cost less than £200.

Potential additional value to the house

There’s no evidence that says new and refreshed borders will add value to your home. However, there’s no doubt that a new or freshly painted fence or wall will improve kerb appeal. While you cannot necessarily increase the asking price, the work should attract buyers.


Refreshed or replaced borders have many benefits in addition to improving kerb appeal. These include:

  • More privacy. Damaged fences or walls often lead to less privacy. With new borders, it will be harder for neighbours and passers-by to see in.
  • Strength against storms. Already damaged borders are likely to completely give way during a storm. New fences and walls will offer a much better defence.
  • Improved aesthetics. Refreshing or replacing your borders gives you another reason to be proud of the look of your home.

Tips for replacing or refreshing borders

To go about refreshing or replacing fencing, gates, brick walls or other borders, here are a few tips to help you:

  • Carry out regular maintenance. This could be brushing away cobwebs, jet-washing, or regular coats of paint. Regular maintenance will help keep your borders looking fresh.
  • Compare your options. Your first thought might be to replace like-for-like, but there are options to choose from. For example, maybe a fence would suit your garden more than a brick wall?
  • Consider durability. Think about the strength and durability of your borders. Especially if you live in an area affected by the weather. This could be by the sea, at the top of a hill or in a flood plain.

6.    Interior shutters

A great way to attract the right attention to your property is to install shutters. Available in a range of styles, shutters offer a grand and inviting appearance. See our gallery for some inspiration. From the outside, shutters make your house look more expensive, enhancing kerb appeal. This is not only because of the way they look, but also the added privacy they provide your property with.


The cost of installing shutters varies from £150-£550 per square metre, depending on the type. This means that in a three-bedroom house, the cost to fit shutters throughout might be between £1,950 and £7,150. Having said this, it’s important to note that shutters are made to measure products. The prices detailed here are a very rough guide.  Remember that no two windows are the same. Plus there, is a wide range of materials to choose from, which will also affect the cost. The only way to get a true price would be to request a survey.

Potential additional value to the house

The return on the investment of installing shutters is considerable. The amount will depend on the style chosen and the number of windows they are in. Learn more about what value shutters can add to your home.


Shutters have all sorts of benefits to be enjoyed by those living in your house. These include:

  • Increased privacy. Shutters can be fully closed to stop people looking in, and give the appearance of added security.
  • Light control. They can be drawn to exactly the right position you want. This means sunlight can be directed to avoid glare.
  • Improved insulation. The thick material of shutters offers an added layer of insulation. They can be closed to keep in or keep out heat.

Tips for installing shutters

Consider these points if you want to improve kerb appeal by installing shutters:

  • Find a reputable supplier. It’s important to research and read reviews about shutter companies. Find a reputable one so you know your shutters will last and the installation will be flawless.
  • Listen to professional advice. While you might have an idea in mind about your shutters, a professional may advise you otherwise. Listen to advice such as an alternative material to suit your needs.
  • Regular maintenance. Shutters require very little maintenance and are very durable. Having said this, keeping them clean and dust-free will help keep them attractive.

Book a free survey to get a quote for new shutters.

Quick Tips to Make Your House Look Valuable

In addition to these big projects, there are many quick ways to make your house look more valuable. These are especially helpful when you have potential buyers coming for a viewing. Most require little time and effort but will have a big impact.

  1. Cut your grass
  2. Keep bins out of sight
  3. Use soft, inviting lighting such as lamps
  4. Tidy away clutter
  5. Dust and vacuum
  6. Light scented candles or use a reed diffuser
  7. Touch-up the paintwork
  8. Wipe down all kitchen and bathroom surfaces

Each of these will immediately improve the look of your home and help pique the interest of buyers.

Investing time and money into the kerb appeal of your home comes with all sorts of great benefits. The potential increased value is a big advantage when it comes to selling your property. And even if this is not a goal of yours, these kerb appeal ideas can all be enjoyed by those living in the property. There are all sorts of ways you can make your home look more valuable. From fresh paint on the brickwork to investing in luxurious shutters.

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