Looking to make a statement in your home? With these 20 accent wall ideas, you can transform your space into the envy of your guests.

Accent walls, a trend that gained momentum in the early 2000s, are making a comeback in 2024. These walls, distinctively painted or decorated to stand out, serve as a showstopping focal point to any room. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, accent walls inject a fun and unique element that doubles as a lively conversation piece. Whether you opt for bold paint colours, textured walls, patterned wallpaper, or creative features, accent walls can effectively add ambiance to your space. Here’s our top 20 accent wall ideas with recommendations on how to execute each style, lending an eye-catching interior design element to your home.

Inspired by Paint

1. Contrasting paint

Choose a single wall and paint it in a contrasting colour to create a powerful impact. This contrasting colour can either be a bold shade in an otherwise neutral room or a thoughtfully chosen, clashing shade. But you should be careful if choosing a contrasting colour that it harmonises well with the existing palette throughout the rest of the space, tying the room together cohesively. This approach not only adds visual interest but also allows for experimentation with vibrant tones without overwhelming the entire room. It’s a great way to infuse your personality and flair while maintaining a balanced design.

Recommended product – Earthy greens are continuing to trend, and we love the classic Calke Green paint colour from Farrow & Ball.

2. Iconic stripes

Stripes are one of the most iconic patterns in the world and they can make a room feel more spacious. Horizontal or vertical painted stripes are great for making the room feel wider or taller, and can either be a fun addition to a family home or a sophisticated addition to grown-up living spaces. Monochrome stripes are particularly effective for achieving a contemporary look, whilst using muted tones can create an understated backdrop.

Recommended product – Get neat and crisp lines by using industry-purpose decorating tape, such as FrogTape.

3. Statement mural

For art lovers or those who want to be transported to another world or location, a painted mural covering a single wall can be done in a number of different styles to complement your taste, and is always a great way to tell a story or finish off a themed kid’s room. The best part of having a mural wall – it is completely unique to your home and no-one else will have another like it! You have the option to either paint your own mural or, if your artistic skills are limited, seek the services of a professional local artist to create one for you.

Recommended product – If you fancy painting your own, the Mural Starter Kit from Banyan Bridges will give you everything you need to get going.

4. Go geometric

Simple, statement geometric shapes painted onto an accent wall are perfect for framing staple pieces of furniture or wall decorations with painted squares, circles or arches. A popular option is geometric patterns behind the bed headboard, which really brings the ‘wow!’ factor. This pop of colour and interesting shapes can add personality and life into the dingiest or most minimalist of rooms.

Recommended product – Soft shades can work perfectly for Geometric shapes, and we love this Dusky Pink colour from Lick.

5. Painted canopy

A great feature addition in any bedroom, a painted canopy extends an accent wall onto the ceiling above the bed for a sectioned out sleeping space. This design element works particularly well in homes with high ceilings, and allows you create a cosy, secluded feel to your bedroom. You can create this effect by using a statement colour, painted to the width of your bed, extending up the full height of your wall and onto the ceiling above. Bring your ceiling canopy to an end when you are level with the end of your bed.

Recommended product – Calming dark tones, like Deep Space Blue from Little Greene, are perfect for creating a serene and secluded feel.

Playing with Wood Textures

6. Floor-to-ceiling panelling

Classic and timeless, Victorian-style floor-to-ceiling panelling will make for an eye-catching feature wall while often helping make the room feel larger. Panelling can draw attention to an existing focal point, while instantly softening white walls and stone flooring. If exposed wood is not to your taste, you can incorporate wood panelling for the textural element, and paint the panels either the same colour as the rest of your room, or a bold contrasting hue. There’s plenty of choice; you can opt for grid panels or thin floor to ceiling wood panelling.

Recommended Product – You can DIY this feature wall yourself using simple strip wood from stores such as B&Q.

7. Stunning shiplap

A simple shiplap wall makes a great accent wall addition for bathrooms, bedrooms, or utility spaces. Historically, the term ‘shiplap’ cladding comes from shielding the exteriors of ships from maritime weather conditions, making it a particularly perfect choice if you are going with a subtle nautical theme. Shiplap also works well if you’re inspired by earthy, cottage-core aesthetics, as it can help to brighten up a space whilst keeping a sense of rustic charm. Just like with striped walls, you can opt for horizontal shiplap if you want your space to feel wider or go with half-height vertical shiplap for a taller-looking room.

Recommended product – Easy and quick to put up, we love this ready-to-go fibreboard shiplap from Wickes.

8. Slatted spaces

Add vertical height to the room with a vertical slat accent wall. A great option for smaller walls and nooks, slats offer a fresh and contemporary addition to your décor. Wood slat walls are also a signature of mid-century modern interiors that have experienced a resurgence in popularity recently. You can customise a wood slat accent wall, choosing the thickness, wood stain, or paint finish you desire, and you can even adjust the space between the slats to achieve your preferred effect.

Recommended product – We love the Acupanel decorative slat wood panels on offer at The Wood Veneer Hub.

Wallpaper Magic

9. Go bold with patterned paper

A full wall covered in statement patterned wallpaper works well when the rest of the room is painted neutral or in a selected single colour pulled from the patterned paper. Retro wallpaper can be a great choice, including reproductions of original vintage wallpapers but with a modern touch and contemporary colour choices. Whatever pattern you choose, this is your opportunity to go bold. Patterned wallpaper will add an instant visual focal point to a room, creating interest and depth, whilst allowing for a personalised touch, reflecting your unique taste and enhancing the overall aesthetic of the room’s décor.

Recommended product – If you want a bold print accent wall with a timeless feel, then we love the affordable Natural History Museum wallpaper range available at Dunelm.

10. Dado rail

A Victorian décor classic re-imagined for modern homes. Yes, dado rails are making a comeback in 2024. The inclination toward this trend is the desire to introduce depth and intrigue into the design of a room. Dado rails offer a horizontal line across the walls, separating the wall into two well-defined sections. Add a dado rail to your accent wall with wallpaper either above or beneath for a decadent and sophisticated feel. If you choose a lighter colour for the dado, it can make the room feel bigger and brighter.

Recommended product – Carry the Victorian inspiration even further by going with a stunning flock wallpaper.

11. Contrasting wallpaper

In eclectic interior design, the use of contrasting wallpapers stands out as a defining feature. Departing from the conventional pairing of wallpaper and paint, consider an accent wall that juxtaposes two distinct wallpaper patterns. This design approach creates a bold and daring aesthetic that instantly captures attention. You can choose contrasting wallpaper colours, or a clash of patterns for a maximalist look, allowing for creative expression. It’s a daring choice that can turn a conventional room into the extraordinary, adding a vibrant and personalised touch to your interior.

Recommended productGeometric and motif patterned paper can make for a stunning contrast, and we love the range of papers available at World of Wallpaper.

Explore more about interior designs on our blog page

12. Brick façade

Create the look of an exposed brick accent wall with photo-realistic wallpaper. Brick façade walls add a statement industrial look that’s raw and striking, but does not compromise on comfort and insulation. They’re perfect for older buildings and apartments. Brick walls add texture and character, you can even add white brick faux wallpaper for a lighter and brighter décor aesthetic. The great news is brick wallpaper is cost-effective compared to the real thing and is accessible in nearly every style, ranging from modern to vintage, at a fraction of the cost of authentic brickwork.

Recommended product – For a classic red-brick look, we recommend the Tanlay brick effect wallpaper available at B&Q.

Show-stopping Wall Features

13. Cosy fireplace wall

Turn your fireplace into a cosy accent wall by adding mouldings, paint or wallpaper for a hearth-to-ceiling to look. Fireplace accent walls are incredibly popular, and for good reason. Fireplaces can be stunning features in their own right, so adding paint, wallpaper or mouldings will only increase the ‘wow!’ factor. Stone-effect wallpaper can be a fantastic choice, bringing a contemporary industrial look to the accent wall and a warm ambiance to the room. Decorate the wall above the fireplace with art, mirrors, and ornaments to incorporate your own unique style.

Recommended product – If you live in a modern property, you can still get this look with an electric fireplace. For a modern yet timeless option, we love the Beaumont range from flamme.co.uk.

14. Floor-to-ceiling mirrors

Transform your space, bring in more light, and make the room feel larger with a mirror wall. Perfect for bedrooms or dressing rooms. Pick a wall-mounted mirror for a ‘solid wall’ look or get a stunning floor mirror to lean up against your accent wall for a sophisticated finish. An elegant, mirrored accent wall not only creates the illusion of a larger space but also serves as a convenient spot for a last-minute outfit check before heading out the door.

Recommended product – The XL Mirror range from William Wood gives plenty of options for an eye-catching accent wall.

15. Chalkboard wall

For creative kids’ rooms, a practical office space, or a meal-planning kitchen area, a chalkboard wall can make a stunning feature. Chalkboard walls look smart and modern, with the flexibility to be as fun and creative as your imagination can come up with. Fill your chalkboard wall with drawings, lists, and memos for an accent wall that is as aesthetic as it is helpful. You can also frame your chalkboard wall for a rustic ‘farmhouse’ style. Creating a chalkboard wall is a straightforward process, requiring a specific paint known as chalkboard paint.

Recommended product – For a smooth finish, we don’t think you can beat Blackfriar Chalkboard Paint from Dulux.

16. Eye-catching window coverings

Shutters are a statement piece in their own right. Turn your windows into your accent wall with stylish window coverings that will make people say ‘wow’! Shutters will give your space a timeless feel, while also being a practical way to control light throughout the day. Shutters can be used on a variety of window shapes, angles and arches, plus, they’re easy to maintain in a family home and come in many different styles, colours and finishes to match your unique taste. You can make your shutters stand out even more as an accent wall feature by opting for a pop of bespoke colour.

Recommended product – Experience the versatility that full-height shutters can add to your accent wall.

17. Functional bookshelves

A perfect combination of beauty and functionality, cover one of your walls with shelving and books to create a stunning accent space. You can keep it simple for a classic look, or line the back of your shelving with a patterned wallpaper for an eclectic finish. Bookshelves either side of a fireplace can make your living area extra cosy, and matching the bookshelf colour to the fireplace will add even more warmth and ambience to the room.

Recommended product – For an absolutely showstopping bookshelf, we love the addition of some traditional faux books from Original Book Works.

18. LED wall

For contemporary interior design, choose this modern twist on classic accent walls. Add an LED light strip to the skirting or trim of your accent wall and let the lighting create a dazzling feature for you. Mount your TV on the wall and add TV backlight strips for a modern home-cinema feel, or add LEDs to bookshelves to display your favourite novels and make them pop. LED accent walls can also cast ambient lighting throughout the room, making your space feel cosier.

Recommended product – We love the effect that LED TV backlights create, and the Smart LED backlights from Govee are just what you need to get this look.

19. Gallery wall

Turn your favourite memories and loved ones into an accent wall by creating a gallery wall. Covering the wall with photos, posters, paintings, and more will give your home an extra personal touch. You can layer artwork, or other types of decorations over a wallpapered accent wall for an on-trend maximalist look, or keep it simple and timeless with a neutral backdrop. This is especially effective when hanging a mix of smaller and larger pieces. If you’re renting your property, there are also nail-free ways to place art, including shelves, peg rails, and adhesive.

Recommended product – For a modern gallery wall, we love the look that you can get with adhesive photo tiles from Mixtiles.

20. Living plant wall

Living walls are an accent wall trend we are seeing an increasing amount of. If you love a house plant, then a living wall could be the perfect option for you. Create a herb plant living wall in the kitchen, or a botanicals wall in the bathroom or living room to turn it into a jungle themed haven. You can also get the same look without the constant care and attention by using realistic and good quality fake plants. Indoor plants contribute to stress reduction, decreased blood pressure, and a happier mental state. Place them around the fireplace to draw attention to this focal point, or place on a shelved headboard in the bedroom for a relaxed and refreshing feel.

Recommended product – You can DIY your plant wall using a deep frame or old wood pallets and your choice of real or fake vegetation, but for a ready-to-assemble option, with all the real plants included, we love the interior collection from Garden In A Box.

In Conclusion

In exploring these 20 accent wall ideas for a creative and aesthetic room décor, we hope you’ve discovered how to make a bold and showstopping statement in your home. From the resurgence of accent walls in 2024, to their ability to act as captivating focal points, you should now be inspired to create the accent wall of your choosing. Whether it’s through paint techniques, textured walls, patterned wallpapers, window coverings or creative features, accent walls offer a unique addition to any room. We hope our wall accent ideas and practical recommendations will guide you through your next interior design endeavour!

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