Eight Hotel in Bath

Shuttercraft in Somerset owner Simon Moody recently collaborated with Eight Hotel. The Abbey Green Hotel has undergone a refurbishment as part of Eight hotel’s, to join a sister property situated around the corner.

The newly refurbished hotel features beautiful character that reflects the cities unique heritage. Simon worked to achieve an elegant window solution to compliment the interior and atmosphere of the hotel.

Eight Hotel in Bath required Simon’s advice and services to find the perfect window solution for their renovation. The rooms of the boutique hotel look amazing with their interior transformation including the addition of shutters and blinds.

The hotel contacted Simon looking for a window solution that would fit the character of the building. To elevate the rooms of the hotel, they needed excellent light exclusion and insulation. These features allow their guests to peacefully relax in their luxurious accommodation.

It is always a pleasure for our experts to work within such stunning and interesting buildings. With not only elegant interior, but also with a rich historic value.

“We decided to add shutters to this gorgeous Georgian building as they, following our modern interior design, lend clean lines, function and charm to bedrooms that benefit from the ability to change the level of light and privacy inside throughout the day.

Nathalie from Eight Hotel

Plantation Shutters for a Modern Interior

Providing shutters for a building that has such a heritage does mean there are more considerations than the average installation. At Shuttercraft we provide a wide range of materials, styles, and colours. We work to ensure the window solution works for the customer and their needs.

“The windows are wooden sash of different sizes and configurations. We needed to survey carefully and scribe on site to ensure that the installation was coherent. Also we needed to keep with the building and the style of the Hotel.”

“All the windows were out of square and level requiring skilful use of battens and installation techniques. We used front fixing Antigua range shutters in white with 2, 3 and 4 panels depending on the windowpane configuration. The Integrated Honeycomb blinds [room darkening product] were in Grey to pick up on the neutral tones of the décor.”


Providing shutters for a building that has such a heritage does mean there are more considerations than the average installation. At Shuttercraft we provide a wide range of materials, styles, and colours. We work to ensure the window solution works for the customer and their needs.

Exploring Abbey Green In Bath

Abbey Green is an ancient ground built as a gated courtyard to Bath Abbey.

Bath houses one of the oldest architecturally planted trees in the world, called the Giant Plane tree. The tree sits within a courtyard adjoining the world-famous Bath Abbey.

With cafe’s, boutique shops and jewellers, Abbey Green has its own unique presence in Bath, becoming an integral part of the city.

Bath Abbey Green was built in the 17th Century, as a gated courtyard to Bath Abbey.

The Green has become a thriving community, hosting one of the focal points of the popular annual Bath Christmas market. It is a popular destination for visitors to experience the unique architecture, shops, and small businesses.

Bath’s beautiful, historic grounds Abbey Green, also featured in Netflix’s popular TV show Bridgeton. The café portrayed as a Modiste – a dress shop, which was a key feature during the filming.

Obstacles on the Job

“We had to plan for and overcome several challenges. Due to the protected nature of the building and the surrounding area (it is a World Heritage site which Bath City Council policies assiduously), access by vehicle is restricted to certain times of the day.

This meant that arranging for the delivery of the shutters, tools and installers had to be negotiated in advance.”

“The Hotel rooms were on 4 different floors and installation was completed in 2 days by a team of 4 working under COVID restrictions alongside other trades. The negotiation and planning to agree work areas and rotate with the electricians, carpenters, plasterers, decorators etc was a feat we are really proud of.”


We are proud to offer an excellent service here at Shuttercraft. Simon went above and beyond to ensure he exceeded his customers’ expectations. The team Shuttercraft of experts overcame challenges to provide the perfect solution for the high-end hotel.

Shuttercrafts Excellent Service

“It was essential to go through the product choices and installation options for each window and each room because of the quirky nature and age of the windows and building. We listened, discussed and advised to produce the finished installation to their satisfaction.”


The impact the shutters have had on the beautiful rooms and interiors is impressive. Shutters reflect light through the space highlighting the unique furnishings so guests can appreciate the relaxing atmosphere.

The shutters also cater for privacy control which is a great feature being so central in the charming city of Bath.

“The installation process and end product have been exceptional and our experience with Simon and Shuttercraft has been great.”

Nathalie from Eight Hotel

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