Victorian design, with its distinctive blend of elaborate fixtures and rich textures, creates a bathroom that is more than just a functional area; it becomes a testament to the timeless allure of the Victorian era.

We believe that a Victorian bathroom is an ideal match for a classic home, offering an additional touch of history and luxury, but with all the performance of modern-day plumbing. These bathrooms echo the period’s craftsmanship and attention to detail, creating a space that feels both grand and intimate. Victorian-style bathrooms also complement the distinctive features of classic homes, such as high ceilings and sash windows. This bathroom style elevates the overall ambiance of a classic home but also ensures that its historical integrity is celebrated and maintained.

Here are some Victorian bathroom ideas and styles that we recommend implementing into your classic home:

1. Victorian-style Baths and Showers

Victorian-style baths and showers are a great way of providing your bathroom with a dash of timeless beauty from a bygone period. Claw-foot tubs were a hallmark of the era, standing as a focal point in the bathroom, their gracefully curved lines and ornate feet embodying a blend of comfort and luxury.

Showers featuring exposed pipework are not just functional, but also work as a visual nod to Victorian ingenuity, showcasing the raw beauty of an industrial-era design. A valve-operated Victorian-style shower harks back to a time when every detail was a testament to craftsmanship; they are perfect for anyone seeking to infuse their home with historical elegance without losing out on practicality.

a mood board showing victorian-style baths and showers, including claw foot tubs and valve-operated showers with exposed pipework.

2. Intricate Toilet Suites

In a Victorian-style bathroom, even the most practical elements receive an artistic touch. Pairing the styles of pedestal toilets and sinks exemplifies the era’s dedication to beauty in every detail, where even the most utilitarian elements contribute to the overall grandeur of the space. These fixtures are not mere bathroom necessities; they are statement pieces that elevate the bathroom’s aesthetics.

You can give your Victorian-style bathroom a more modern finish by sticking with a bright white suite, or if you’re looking for a truly classic feel then opt for a wooden-seated toilet and off-white porcelain.  

a mood board showing a range of different toilet and sink suites. All images show porcelain, pedestal-style toilets and sinks in Victorian-style bathrooms.

3. Victorian Walls and Panelling

Victorian-style walls and panelling play a pivotal role in creating a bathroom that not only embodies the grandeur of the era but also harmonises with the distinctive architectural features of Victorian homes.

From wallpapers, to tiling, to decorative mouldings, there are a wealth of options available to bring this hallmark of Victorian design into your bathroom space.

a mood board of Victorian walls and panelling, showing patterned wallpapers, wood panelling and other decorative wall ideas.

Some Victorian wall and panelling options you could choose include:

  • Flock & Damask Wallpaper: These quintessentially Victorian wallpapers, celebrated for their sumptuous textures and elaborate patterns, complement the high ceilings and intricate moulding typical in Victorian architecture. Whilst wallpaper is not a typical choice in bathroom decor, flock or demask can make for a beautiful feature-wall. With their raised, velvety designs on deep, rich backgrounds, there’ll be no doubt which design-era was the inspiration when stepping into your Victorian bathroom.
  • Panelling: Often made from fine wood with detailed carvings or mouldings, Victorian panelling adds architectural depth and warmth to an otherwise flat wall. It integrates seamlessly with ornate cornice mouldings and tall wainscotting common in Victorian properties, allowing you to make the most of any period features. Panelling looks especially beautiful behind a free-standing claw-foot bathtub.
  • Wainscotting: Wooden panels adorning the lower walls, wainscotting is a hallmark of Victorian design. It offers a structured and elegant look that aligns with the vertical emphasis of high Victorian ceilings and complements the detailed door and window trims, blending beauty with practicality. Many period properties will have wainscotting already in place, but you can easily create your own with some stripwood and a bit of DIY.
  • Board & Batten: Simple yet classic, board & batten comprises vertical wood panels with horizontal battens. This style complements the linear features of Victorian architecture, such as the tall, narrow windows and doors, offering timeless charm and durability that resonates with the era’s design principles. Much like wainscotting, you can DIY board & batten in your bathroom if it isn’t an existing feature in your home.

4. Sophisticated Window Dressings

Window shutters were often featured in Victorian houses. More specifically, in their bathrooms, window dressings played a crucial role in both aesthetics and privacy. These shutters, which are still in place in many period properties, were typically characterised by their solid wooden construction, usually involving rich, dark woods or painted finishes which often made them feel heavy and dark.

To keep all the practicality and charm of Victorian shutters without risking a dark and dank feel, we recommend upgrading to modern bathroom shutters that put a twist on classic Victorian décor. Full-height shutters in Victorian houses make the most of high ceilings and large windows, offering a unique blend of historical elegance and contemporary ease. You can also make the most of sash windows or shaped windows in your bathroom with made-to-measure shutters.

a mood board showing a range of beautifully decorated bathrooms, all featuring bespoke made-to-measure shutters.

5. Eye-catching Tiled Flooring

Some people think that the tall ceilings are the best feature of a Victorian house, but the true unsung hero lies underfoot with Victorian-style tiled flooring.

In a Victorian bathroom, tiled flooring is an opportunity to make a statement. There are some fantastic design options for you to choose from, including different patterns, materials and colours. Bold patterned tiles with intricate designs and vibrant colours create a captivating visual that livens the entire bathroom. You may want to opt for Herringbone patterns that bring an air of refined stylishness, especially when combined with organic stone tiles. You could also go for a classic Checkerboard layout that provides a striking contrast and a nod to the Victorian era’s fondness for geometric precision in their designs.

a mood board of Victorian-style tiled flooring, with images of herringbone, checked, and patterned bathroom tiles.

6. Classic Furnishings and Finishing Touches

In a Victorian bathroom, the furnishings and finishing touches are pivotal. Vanity units with elaborate carvings become more than storage – they’re luxurious centrepieces in the room. Ornate mirrors are more than just practical, they also enhance the bathrooms sense of space. The choice of light fixtures, from smaller shaded lights to dramatic chandeliers, can be used to bring a decorative flair while illuminating the room.

As well as this, radiator towel rails are a useful feature that will keep your towels heated while adding that vintage industrial aesthetic. These elements will transform a simple bathroom into a luxurious Victorian retreat, a perfect addition into your classic home.

a mood board showing inspiring images of various victorian-style bathrom furnishings and finishing touches. Inspiration includes towel rails, chandeliers, and large statement mirrors.

In Conclusion

Creating a Victorian-themed bathroom is more than just redecorating; it’s about preserving and celebrating a rich historical era in your classic home. By incorporating these ideas, you can transform your bathroom into a space that pays homage to the grandeur of the Victorian age, while still enjoying the comforts of modern living.

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