Thinking about ideas for bathroom window privacy is essential – after all, it’s the single-most private room in any home.

The trouble is we often get caught up in standard ways of thinking about bathroom window privacy. Many of us are happy to rely on most homes’ standard frosted glass bathroom window treatments.

To help you think a little more outside the box, we’ve talked to our design team and come up with eight window treatment ideas for bathrooms. We’ve covered conventional and lesser-used options that perfectly balance privacy and light.

Quick answer: A range of bathroom window treatments combine privacy and light control. They include window films, shutters, roller blinds, Venetian blinds, Roman blinds, tinted films, frosting sprays, and sheer curtains. Within those options, there is a range of designs and effects available.

Window films for bathroom Windows

We’re starting this list with a somewhat unconventional bathroom window treatment – decorative window films.

Rather than being a window dressing that hangs in front of your window, these films are applied directly to the glass. Changing the opacity with a film can add a considerable amount of privacy – in fact, it can do away with the need for any additional privacy completely.

There is a vast range of patterns on the market – each offering different degrees of privacy. Some frost the glass slightly – but others feature elaborate patterns ranging from traditional to ultra-modern.

If you’re one of the 4.6 million people who rent their home in the UK, this is an ideal solution – since there’s no permanent DIY required. They’re also a cost-effective way to make your bathroom more private.

Shutters in bathroom windows

Shutters are an incredible way to get your bathroom privacy while allowing natural light to enter your space.

Window shutters are available in a range of styles, including:

  • Full-height shutters
  • Tier-on-tier shutters
  • Café-style shutters
  • Track mounted shutters
  • Solid panel shutters

The key to getting the right level of bathroom window privacy is working out which design works best in your bathroom window.

For instance, if your bathroom is overlooked from street level, you could use café-style shutters to obscure the lower half of your window. You can still enjoy a light-filled bathroom with the sun shining through the upper pane.

Of course, this is just one option – but some bathroom shutters will work for any window overlooked from any angle. Adjust your louvres – or shut them altogether – and bathroom window privacy is yours.

Waterproof shutters are available in all the same styles, too – so you can find something that works with your bathroom decor perfectly without any worries about damage to wooden construction.

Bathroom Window roller blinds

Roller blinds – also known as ‘roller shades’ are a practical and minimal solution for a bathroom window.

A quick adjustment of the child-safety cord opens and closes your blind as much or as little as required. Like shutters, you can cover as much or as little of your window as required – so you can still enjoy some sunlight.

A roller shade can be created virtually any size, so mini blinds can be created for even the smallest bathroom window.

Waterproof roller blinds are available in an almost endless range of fabrics with a vast selection of patterns and colours, so you can make your bathroom window treatments a perfect match for your space.

roller blinds
bathroom venetian blinds

Venetian blinds for bathroom Windows

Venetian blinds have almost all the benefits as shutters when used in bathroom windows – but they can also be retracted entirely if you’d like a minimal look when your room isn’t in use.

Using your child-safety cord, you can lower the blind as much or as little as you like. Then, you can adjust the slats to filter light to your liking. The slats can be adjusted in any direction, too – so you can prevent people from seeing into your room from any level.

Roman blinds for bathrooms

Roman blinds – also known as ‘Roman shades’ – are a slightly softer and more traditional kind of blind for a bathroom.

Rather than slats or a roll of fabric, they work by having plush lengths of fabric that gather together as they retract. They don’t retract completely into a headrail – so they work well in bathrooms with a more traditional feel, where exposed fabrics add character and texture.

If the idea of fabric in a bathroom makes you worry about how it’ll dry – don’t panic. Again, Roman blinds can be created using water-resistant fabric, so you don’t have to worry if you turn up the heat and fill your bathroom with steam when you shower!

Bathroom window tint

Bathroom window tint works in the same way as decorative films. Rather than being a window treatment independent of the window, it adheres directly to the glass – often on the outside.

The two-way window film is designed so that your window looks like a tinted mirror from the outside. Passers-by or neighbouring properties will see a reflection rather than being able to see into your room.

This is another low-cost option – although the best results are achieved when a professional installation company applies the film.

Frosted glass spray for bathroom windows

We’ve already talked about decorative films for windows – but a similar effect can be created using a frosted window glass spray.

A frosting spray is an aerosol rather than applying a film to the glass, offering an even coverage when applied correctly.

The beauty of a frosting spray is that you can apply additional layers if you find the level of privacy isn’t quite right. Moreover, the spray won’t create obscured entirely glass, so you’re still allowing light into your bathroom for a bright and fresh feel.

bathroom privacy with window tint

Sheer curtains in a bathroom window

Despite being popular in other areas of a home, curtains aren’t a go-to choice in bathrooms – but that doesn’t rule them out entirely if you’re looking for exciting bathroom window treatments.

Rather than going for heavy fabric, opting for a sheer curtain or voile panel creates privacy without obscuring the natural light from the outside.

Light, synthetic fabrics or pure cotton are the way to go in a bathroom – purely so the moisture in the air doesn’t create a safe space for bacteria in a natural fabric.

With light sheer curtains hanging in front of a bathroom window, you combine light control and privacy with an elegant look that gives a soft edge to your bathroom interior design – perfect for a relaxing bath after a day at work.

Need more ideas for bathroom window privacy?

Hopefully, something on this list will look perfect in your home! The key to finding the right one is to find a balance of style, privacy and cost that works around your circumstances.

Of course, there are variations within each idea here -shutters and blinds come in countless different styles and colours, so you’ll almost certainly be able to find a solution that perfectly matches your interior design tastes. If you’d like any help dreaming up more ideas for bathroom window privacy – our design teams are always happy to help.

window shutters

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