Quick Answer: Motorised blinds look like regular blinds but add convenience, security, and enhanced safety. Some are remote-controlled, whereas others can connect to smart home systems. Although DIY and retrofit options are sometimes available, the best results come from made-to-measure electric blinds. Motor-operated blinds are also an excellent window dressing solution for people with mobility issues.

Although standard blinds have existed for a long time, motorised blinds are a relatively new product.

As such, it’s normal to have questions about what they are, how they work, and what kind of uses they’re suitable for.

In this in-depth guide, we’ve compiled some of our most frequently asked questions about electric blinds and provided expert answers – so you can decide if they’re right for your home.

What kind of motorised blinds are available?

There are a variety of motorised blinds on the market. Including:

– Motorised/electric roller blinds
– Motorised vertical blinds
– Motorised Roman blinds
– Motorised honeycomb pleated blinds
– Motorised blackout blinds
– Motorised fabric blinds

Some retailers use the term ‘motorised blinds’ whereas others say ‘electric blinds’. We’ll use both terms in this guide – but we’re always discussing the same products.

What kind of uses are motor-operated blinds good for?

It’s possible to install electric blinds in virtually any size window, but they’re perfect for:

– Hard-to-reach areas or high windows
– Larger windows – such as patio doors, French windows, and bay windows
– Homes with young children and curious pets
– Setting schedules to work around your day and habits
– Controlling your home’s window dressings when you’re away

How do motorised blinds work?

At a glance, electric blinds work look virtually identical to standard blinds. However, a motorised version is powered by a small, discreet motor concealed within the blind’s headrail.

This motor means your blinds can be opened, closed, or adjusted with a simple press of a remote control button rather than using cords, chains, or a detachable wand.

how do electric blinds operate

What are the benefits of installing motorised blinds in my home or office?

Remote control blinds offer a series of advantages over standard blinds:


Depending on the blinds you choose, they can be controlled using a handy remote or connected to your smart home system. This adds convenience – allowing you to make all adjustments with a simple button press.

Enhanced safety

Although all our corded blinds meet or exceed the strict BS EN 13120 child safety regulations, electric blinds take this one step further in eliminating all cords and chains.

Enhanced safety

Although all our corded blinds meet or exceed the strict BS EN 13120 child safety regulations, electric blinds take this one step further in eliminating all cords and chains.

Improved security

Electric blinds can often be programmed to open and close according to your schedule. This gives the impression that your home is occupied, deterring opportunists looking for an empty property.

Improved security

42% of working-age adults and 63% of pension-aged people here in the UK have some mobility impairment. Electric blinds can be a huge benefit if you have a mobility issue, as they remove the need for reaching or using cords to adjust the window coverings.

Are electric blinds compatible with smart home systems?

Some electric blind products have a motor and app which can be connected to smart home systems such as Amazon Alexa, Google Home, or Apple Home.

There are different ways of using smart blinds. You may use the connector app to control your blinds from your device.

Then again, you may connect this app to your smart home devices (such as smart speakers), giving you voice control and being able to control your devices from anywhere you have an internet connection.

blinds with smart hub technology

How are motorised blinds powered?

All Shuttercraft electric blinds are battery-powered, so you don’t have to worry about having any complicated electrical work carried out.

The rechargeable batteries that power our ultra-quiet, low-energy motors last for a long time – but when it’s time to recharge, lift the battery out of the headrail and recharge using a mini USB cord.

Although Shuttercraft blinds are battery-operated, some other electric blinds are wired into your home’s electrical systems. So, if you’re shopping around for electric blinds, you must ask how they’re powered. Opting for a rechargeable battery version will often save you a lot of disruptive and expensive work in your home.

What types of blinds can be motorised, and can my existing blinds be retrofitted with a motor?

Some blind retailers offer ‘retrofit’ motors that add this modern technology to existing products. While this is possible, lots of blind specialists recommend this kind of modification.

New electric blinds are manufactured to account for the weight of the motors and the stresses of motorisation and make sure all wiring is safe and hidden away. This isn’t always the case with retrofit motors, so motorising existing blinds usually won’t work as well as dedicated electric blinds.

Can motorised blinds improve energy efficiency and help reduce heating costs?

Not least, electric blinds combine aesthetics with significant money-saving benefits. They may be programmed to improve the insulation of your home.

The remote controls or smart connectivity offered when you choose electric blinds mean you can set timers to control opening and closing schedules.

For example, if you’re getting home from work in the dark, you can programme your electric Roman blinds, vertical blinds, or roller blinds to close before you’re home – helping to make sure your home doesn’t lose heat through the windows.

Since smart connectivity means multiple blinds can be controlled from your device, you can even close your blinds simultaneously as your heating comes on – locking the heat in and potentially reducing the energy you use.

blinds improve energy efficiency
child safety features

Are there any child safety features included with motorised blinds?

Electric blinds remove the operating cords and chains typically used to raise and lower blinds. Strict regulations already cover non-electric blinds – but some people feel happier knowing these cords and chains are removed completely.

Of course, even well-secured chains and cords can be tempting playthings for children or pets, so even though cords meet BS EN 13120 child safety regulations, removing them altogether prevents unwanted pulling, climbing, chewing or other unwanted attention.

Do motorised blinds come with a warranty?

Whether or not a warranty is included will depend on the company you buy your electric blinds from.

As an example, Shuttercraft’s electric blinds are subject to two warranties. There’s a 1-year warranty that covers the electrical components and a 2-year warranty that covers material defects in design, workmanship and installation throughout the blinds themselves.

Whether with us or another company, asking about warranties is essential if you’re shopping for electric blinds. A good company will stand behind their products and carry out any work needed if they don’t meet a high standard.

Motorised Blinds: A Summary

Motorised or electric blinds are an excellent window dressing choice if you’re looking for convenience, enhanced safety, improved home security, and accessibility.

Controlled by a remote or connected to a smart home setup, they can be programmed around your routines to help maintain a comfortable temperature in your home – helping to reduce heating costs. Recharging your motor batteries, they lift out and plug in using a USB cable.

Although DIY and retrofit options exist, made-to-measure electric blinds will almost always offer better performance – mainly because they will usually be professionally installed as part of the service.

Remember to ask about warranty coverage when considering electric blinds for your home. The best suppliers will back their products up with comprehensive aftercare.

Considering these factors, you can decide whether motorised blinds will be the right choice for your home.

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