At Shuttercraft, we help you make the most of your space, which is why we offer a choice of bi-fold shutters. We supply the UK’s widest range of made to measure shutters and plantation blinds, meaning you’ll find something you’ll fall in love with.

Whether you favour a contemporary or classic style, bi-fold shutters are the solution for your larger windows, patio doors, or room dividers. The beauty of bi-fold is that you can tuck the shutters out of the way, providing easy access whenever needed.

Named after the way they fold on a track, bi-fold shutters are popular for their broad range of options. Whatever colour or style you’re looking for, there’s a shutter for you, so why not contact Shuttercraft and discover the best shutters to make light work in your space?

Your home should reflect your unique sense of style, with the furnishings perfect for letting you do the things you love. Plantation shutters are stylish and practical, letting you get the right light levels to suit your needs.

At Shuttercraft, we care about helping you achieve the look you’ve dreamed of, which is why we only fit made-to-measure products lovingly crafted just for you.

Your space, your choices

However you want to use your shutters, the beauty of bi-fold is that they can come in a 90 or 180* system. If you want to fold them right out of the way, right back against the wall, then this choice is for you. The panels stay out of the way, giving you more room to do the things you love.

It’s your space, and at Shuttercraft, we are here to help you make the most of it. Whether you want the panels attached to the wall, or just to themselves, then we can help. The “free floating” option means you can move the panels around to suit your needs or sense of style.

If you are trying to achieve a certain type of interior design, and don’t know if there is a shutter to match, don’t panic! We offer a wide selection of paint colours and wood stains, even including a colour match option if you can’t quite find what you’re looking for!

Great for room dividers and patio doors

Having shutters that fold makes them suitable for larger openings and spaces in the home. As well as windows, bi-fold shutters are ideal for patio doors, as bespoke wardrobe doors, or room dividers. Easy to open and close, the bi-fold system is practical for high volume areas of the home.

Generally used in larger windows and openings, a mid-rail is usually added to bi-fold shutters. This adds strength and stability to taller panels and can also be used to match existing features, such as window frames.

If you want to transform the look of your home, but want to keep using the space in the same way, then look no further than bi-fold shutters.

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