You often hear about ‘Energy Efficiency’, whether it’s advice on a day-to-day basis, or in headlines surrounding climate change. In the grand scheme of things, the UK has a long way to go. But, to help support the worlds changing climate, individual initiatives make a difference.

Households that step up to make energy-efficient changes to their home are supporting the bigger picture. If every one of us can make small changes with energy-efficient decisions in our home, it will create an impact.

Saving on household bills

By building an energy-efficient home, you will end up spending less money on gas and electricity. With household energy bills increasing, it’s important to find ways to keep some extra money in your pocket!

As energy providers move towards greener, sustainable, energy sources, energy analysts predict to see prices steadily increase – even as soon as the end of 2021.

Investing in home improvements that help towards an energy-efficient property is a smart way to line your pockets. Not only do you save money in the short term, but the measures you take will continue to save you even more money in the future.

5 things to boost energy efficiency

  1. Seal any gaps: ensuring there are no gaps or cracks around doors and windows reduces any draft in your home.
  2. Add thermal linings to curtains: keep your house insulated in the winter and cool in the summer.
  3. Install more energy efficient windows: double or triple glazing reduces solar heat gain.
  4. Use compression strips: a cost-effective way to seal any gaps by the window.
  5. Window coverings: choose an energy efficient window treatment.

Why choose shutters over energy saving blinds and curtains?

The flexibility of shutters means you can make the most of every window covering feature, without having to compromise.

With blinds or curtains, although they have energy-efficient options, you are often making compromises in your home to receive these benefits.

Do you drop the blinds or draw the curtains to protect your home from solar heat? Missing out on the natural light whenever the suns out can completely change your home atmosphere.

If you are looking to make the most of the rooms in your home 24/7, shutters are likely the best option for you.

Fighting climate change

Households taking the initiative to make changes are leading the way in fighting climate change. There is no doubt that government and industries need to step up and do what they can to make a positive impact on our environment, but individuals doing what they can set the example.

The world has a long way to go to make a significant impact on climate change. But with more energy-efficient actions, small but important steps are being made in the right direction.  

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As the Marketing Executive at Shuttercraft Ltd for the last year, Rachel Davies is a freshly qualified university student having attended Falmouth University, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design.

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