Creating a comfortable home all year round

Home comfort has been even more relevant since people spent so much time in their homes during lockdown. Many people have re-evaluated how they use various rooms. Whether it’s to accommodate for working from home or to simply utilise the spaces.

There are ways to design your spaces to work as the perfect escape from the outside world. A comfortable setting where you can switch off and relax.

Decluttering your home

Designing a minimalistic interior can open a space and create a relaxing environment. A lot of people find the ‘less is more’ concept relieves stress and is comforting to come home to.

Structuring a room so the only items/decorative features are those with a function reduces clutter in a home. The reduction of clutter allows for more space for important items with a regular purpose. Having less items on surfaces and giving all belongings a home makes upkeep and cleaning a lot easier.

‘A tidy home, a tidy mind’ can provide people with comfort in their surroundings. A relaxing home environment is beneficial to a person’s mental health. Living in a clutter-free space also can help increase productivity and efficiency as the space is so much easier to maintain.


Adding some layers of comforting cushions can make a room immediately more relaxing. Have a browse for home furnishings that soften your interior.

Neutral tones can build a calming atmosphere which is often favoured on the return of a busy day at work. Or even for those designing multi-functional spaces to operate as both living space as well as work from home purposes.

Layering also works for aesthetic features such as coffee tables. Adding a coffee table book, pottery or a small sculpture can add depth to your room.


Lighting can make or break the right atmosphere for a room, depending on how you use the space. Investing in the right window treatment can help brighten your room or adjust the lighting so it works for your needs.

Some window treatments such as curtains only offer an all-or-nothing solution. Whereas, with shutters and blinds you can have a range of flexible lighting options.


Achieving the right temperature in your home is an important component of comfort. Are you someone who feels the cold easily? Have you considered investing in home improvements that aid the insulation of your home?

With so many variations of temperatures year-round in the UK (while very temperamental), it’s beneficial to be able to have your bases covered when it comes to insulating and solar shading.

Make the most of your conservatories and orangeries

Conservatories are popular additions to homes but can sometimes be hard to utilise as a space. With often at least 85% of conservatories, and at least 50% of orangeries made up of glass, lighting and temperature can make them difficult rooms to make the most of all year round.

How do you use your conservatory? Do you enjoy sitting in a bright room, reading a book, and enjoying the sun? In this case, some extra insulation for the winter could transform how you use the space, such as replacing the conservatory roof.

Shutters work for both insulating a room in the winter and cooling the room in the summer. This could be the ideal solution so that you can make the most of the room all year round.

Comfort is key

Your home is your sanctuary, find home improvements that fit your comfort aspirations. Whether it is a minimalistic style to draw focus to the primary features of the room or layering the furniture with comforting accessories. It is key to find what works for you.

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Rachel Davies is one of our Marketing Executives. Passionate about home interiors and making your spaces at home unique, she specialises in social media and influencers, keeping up to date with what’s on trend in the home interior market.

As the Marketing Executive at Shuttercraft Ltd for the last year, Rachel Davies is a freshly qualified university student having attended Falmouth University, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design.

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