There has been a resurgence of Mid-Century décor. Characterised by its signature statement furnishings, warm earthy hues, and a focus on natural materials, Mid-Century design is a tribute to the art of simplicity and functional aesthetics. Whether you’re aiming to revitalise your living space or seeking inspiration for a new look in your living room, our guide to Mid-Century living rooms offers a wealth of ideas to ignite your creativity. From classic furniture pieces to the subtle charm of the colour palette, we’ll explore how you can infuse this iconic style into your home.

What is Mid-Century Design?

Mid-Century design is an aesthetic that was popularised in 1940s, that lasted through the 50s and 60s. It is a style celebrated for its clarity of form and understated beauty. This design is marked by simple lines and clean shapes, and the fusion of ornamental and functional features. This design idea creates spaces that are fresh, uncluttered, and radiate a relaxed atmosphere by matching practicality with a touch of decorative flair. Mid-Century design invites a sense of warmth and lightness into modern homes. It’s an ideal choice for those looking to create a living space that feels open and airy yet grounded in a rich design heritage.

What are the Hallmarks of Mid-Century Décor?

The essence of Mid-Century décor lies in its distinctive features, each contributing to the style’s enduring popularity:

  • Sleek, Functional Furniture: Pieces that excel in both design and utility, showcasing an uncluttered and sophisticated look in a living room.
  • Textured Soft Furnishings: These bring an element of comfort into the room and heavily contrast the more modern style that harder sofas typically bring.
  • Symmetry and Clean Lines: This helps to create a tranquil, orderly look to a living room.
  • Rich Colours: A palette that ranges from vibrant hues to deeper tones, helps to add character and depth.
  • Natural Materials: Wood in particular is prevalent, offering warmth and an earthy grounding to the interiors.
  • Distinct Biomorphic Shapes: Organic, fluid forms that break the mould, adding an element of artistic flair to the room.

Together, these characteristics form the style of Mid-Century modern interior design. The result is an aesthetic that resonates just as powerfully today in contemporary homes as it did when it was first popularised.

How can you Achieve a Mid-Century Look?  

Achieving a Mid-Century look goes beyond merely selecting period pieces; it’s about adhering to principles that define the style’s essence.

Start by crafting a clean, symmetrical layout that centres around a main seating area, this will help with fostering a sense of balance and openness. Functionality should be your guiding principle, with each item’s practicality considered over mere decorative appeal, ensuring that the room remains uncluttered and cohesive. The juxtaposition of curved shapes against sharp lines introduces a dynamic visual interest – consider the shape of your cushions in contrast to the shape of your furniture. Incorporating natural materials and embracing a palette of rich colours will infuse warmth and depth into your living room to capture the Mid-Century’s organic yet sophisticated style.

By focusing on these core principles, you can curate a space that embodies the timeless appeal of Mid-Century design.

Here Are Our Top Mid-Century Living Room Ideas for Your Inspiration:

1. Make Furniture the Centrepiece

In a Mid-Century living room design, furniture isn’t just seen as a utility; it’s the heart of the aesthetic. The right choice of furniture can instantly elevate your living room, transforming it into a space that echoes the charm and style of the era. To capture this essence, focus on iconic statement pieces that defined the Mid-Century decades. Think of Eames loungers and sleek ottomans, each with its unique character and timeless appeal.

Creating a central seating area is key to achieving that authentic Mid-Century feeling. This space should draw all elements towards a focal point, be it a striking coffee table, a classic fireplace, or an eye-catching bookshelf. The layout should invite conversation and relaxation.

Incorporating these iconic pieces into your living room doesn’t just pay homage to the Mid-Century style; it brings a piece of design history into your home. By making furniture the centrepiece of your space, you create a living room that is stylish and inviting at the same time.

2. Invest in Mid-Century Style Artwork

Artwork can serve as the jewel in the crown of a Mid-Century living room, encapsulating the essence of an era full of artistic exploration. The right choice of artwork not only complements the room’s design but also brings to life the vibrant art culture of the Mid-Century period. Consider pieces that range from the geometric Bauhaus style to the vivid tones of Pop-Art, or the glamour of classic Hollywood posters. Each of these styles are so distinctly different and can be used based on your preferences in your living room style.

These selections are more than mere embellishments; they are conversation starters, giving your living space an added level of unique character. Incorporating such art into your space does more than just accentuate the Mid-Century aesthetic; it personalises and elevates the ambiance. Each print or painting chosen not only serves as a visual treat but lends your living room a touch of history infused with your personal style.

3. Mix up shapes

Experimenting with shapes offers an opportunity to play with the layout and aesthetics, ensuring that each element contributes to the overall harmony of the room. This style thrives on the interplay of angular and rounded shapes that contrast with one another. Imagine the sophisticated look of a sleek, linear sofa offset by the soft curves of round throw pillows, or a circular centerpiece coffee table poised on top of a square rug.

The essence of Mid-Century modern interior design is capturing this playful yet measured juxtaposition of shapes and sizes. It’s about adding layers of interest while maintaining a functional, uncluttered environment. The key is in the artful arrangement of these diverse shapes, ensuring that the space feels cohesive but still dynamic.

However, while it’s enticing to incorporate numerous decorative items, it’s crucial to keep a balance – the Mid-Century values that cherished practicality. Thoughtfully selected shapes help create a living room that is not just visually appealing but also a true reflection of Mid-Century design principles.

4. Choose a rich colour scheme

Colour plays a pivotal role in setting the mood and style of your living room and selecting the right colour scheme is essential in Mid-Century modern interior design. This style is renowned for its affinity with deep, earthy hues that create an inviting and warm atmosphere. Envision the richness of dark browns that mirror the natural world, the rustic charm of terracotta oranges, and the soothing presence of soft greens.

As well as this, you can infuse your space with energy and zest – giving your living room a dash of retro flair with vibrant primary colours. Similarly to the Pop-Art artwork that we previously mentioned being a talking point and a strong contrast, you can also achieve this with more vibrant colour choices. When weaving these colours into your design, aim to complement them with the organic textures of wooden furnishings and flooring, thereby grounding the bold tones in nature’s own palette.

Integrating light neutrals like creams and beiges is a smart way to balance the intensity of these colours. These softer tones lend a sense of openness and light to the room. By carefully curating your colour choices, you can transform your living room into a captivating Mid-Century masterpiece, where every hue plays a part in creating a cohesive and inviting environment.

5. Keep the Lighting Natural

In Mid-Century modern interior design, natural light plays a pivotal role in creating a space that’s both bright and functional. The best way to achieve this is by incorporating shutters in your living room, which allow for optimal control of daylight. Full-height wooden shutters are particularly suited for Mid-Century living rooms, as they align with the style’s preference for clean lines and natural wood tones.

These shutters not only provide practical light management but also enhance the room’s aesthetic, adhering to the symmetrical and uncluttered look of a Mid-Century design. They offer the flexibility to adjust light levels throughout the day, creating a dynamic and inviting atmosphere. By choosing living room window shutters, you ensure a harmonious blend of style and utility, perfectly encapsulating the essence of Mid-Century décor. This approach allows you to enjoy a living space that is well-lit, stylish, and true to the principles of timeless Mid-Century design.

Shuttercraft is your go-to destination for bespoke shutters that are essential in creating the Mid-Century look in your living room. Our custom-made shutters not only enhance the natural lighting of your space but also complement the Mid-Century style with their clean lines and natural wood aesthetics. Explore our range and let us help you bring the Mid-Century charm to your living room. Learn more about what natural light can do for your home, here.


Mid-Century design merges timeless elegance with practicality, characterised by sleek furniture, rich colours, and a unique interplay of shapes. This style, illuminated by natural light filtered through bespoke shutters, brings a classic yet functional charm to any home. For those seeking to infuse their living spaces with this iconic look, Shuttercraft offers custom shutters that perfectly complement the Mid-Century aesthetic. Discover a wealth of inspiration and practical tips on our blog to transform your living room into a testament to this celebrated era.

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