When you search online, it’s easy to be a little overwhelmed by the types of shutters on offer. You can choose between different designs, materials, and window styles.

With this in mind, we’ve created this quick guide to different shutter styles, explaining which is most popular for different settings and applications around a typical home.

When you’ve finished reading, you’ll clearly know what’s available and what will work beautifully in your space!

The different types of shutters available

Window shutters come in various shapes, sizes, and materials.

In this guide, we’ll look at the most popular settings for:

Popular for living rooms: Tier-on-tier shutters

UK living rooms often face the front of the property, making them easily overlooked by passers-by or neighbouring properties. With this in mind, privacy becomes essential for any window dressing in a room where you might put your feet up and relax.

Owing to the balance of privacy and light control they offer, tier-on-tier shutters are always a very popular choice in the lounge and living rooms.

Like full-height shutters, they span your windows from top to bottom. However, you can maintain privacy without compromising daylight with top and bottom sections that can be opened independently.

Popular in a bay window: Café-style shutters

Many UK homes have bay windows – a beautiful feature that increases the light entering your room. Since bay windows offer a more expansive view of the street, they also give passers-by a better idea of your space.

With this in mind, cafe-style shutters are an excellent and popular choice as bay window shutters.

Covering just the lower half of your window means your living space is not overlooked – but still allows lots of daylight to enter, keeping your room bright and fresh!

cafe style shutter ideas for windows
blackout shutter blind bedroom

Popular for bedrooms: Shutter and Shade

Effective light control is essential in a bedroom. This makes a shutter and shade combination an especially popular choice.

Behind your shutters, you’ll find a fully retractable honeycomb blind. By sliding the blind closed and closing your shutters and louvres over the top, you’ll shut out virtually all the light coming through your windows.

Whether you’re a shift worker, a light sleeper, or the parent of a child that wakes up as soon as the sun rises, this kind of blackout blind and shutter combination can transform the quality of your rest.

Popular for bathrooms & kitchens: Waterproof shutters

While there’s no doubt that wooden shutters make stunning window dressings – the natural wood construction makes them impractical for areas that experience high humidity or direct water contact.

This is where interior shutters made of tough ABS are perfect. Even up close, ABS shutters look virtually identical to wooden shutters but are completely waterproof.

This makes them ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, home swimming pools, or any other setting where wood isn’t practical.

water resistant shutters
outside shutters in situ

Popular for outdoor use: Aluminium shutters

When people think of exterior shutters, they tend to think of the traditional board and batten shutters or raised panel shutters – but more modern options are available.

Although plantation shutters are often considered an internal window dressing, choosing aluminium exterior shutters gives you all the aesthetic appeal of louvered shutters but with rigid materials and coatings that match the elements.

Even when inspected closely, our exterior window shutters look similar to interior shutters. However, they’re designed to add a layer of security to your home, with robust locks that will deter any unwanted attention.

Popular for conservatories: Shaped shutters

Conservatories and orangeries can be unique spaces in a home – but they’re often under-used because it can be challenging to regulate the temperature all year round.

Special-shaped shutters made-to-measure for the windows in a conservatory add a much-needed layer of insulation to your room. Since they’re fixed directly to the window frame, they suit standard and roof windows.

As well as insulation, shutters add the ultimate in light control, making your conservatory a pleasant place any time of day!

unconventional window shapes
solid shutters in bay window

Popular for a traditional look: Solid shutters

If you’ve got a traditional home – or a home with a traditional interior design feel – solid panel shutters can complement the space.

The lack of central louvred panels means that your options for controlling the light are reduced – but this creates a window dressing that offers absolute privacy and stands out as a vital design feature in your room.

Solid shutters are usually available in a broad range of colours too. This lets you make your shutters even more of a feature by matching a tone found elsewhere in the room.

Popular for French doors: Tracked shutters

Although a window shutter is often fixed directly to a window frame, it’s also possible to mount a shutter on a discreet track in front of a window.

This makes track shutters the ideal choice for French doors and patio doors. You can choose between bypass and bi-fold designs, too – so you can select a style that doesn’t interfere with the operation of your doors.

Which types of shutters are suitable for your home?

Hopefully, this inspires you to the kinds of shutters that could work well in your home.

If you’re still not sure, don’t panic! If you’d like more inspiration and ideas, our design team will happily talk you through the types of shutters that will work perfectly in any setting.

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