Quick Answer: Blackout shutters and Shutter blinds combine plantation shutters with integrated blackout blinds. As well as being the ultimate room darkening solution, this combination offers added insulation and improved privacy. Blackout shutter blinds are perfect for children’s bedrooms and home cinema-style rooms.

If you have a room that would benefit from improved darkness control, you may have considered blackout shutter blinds.

In this guide, we’ll explain everything there is to know about blackout shutters and shutter blinds, including some benefits, how they work, and how to ensure you’re getting the best possible result.

What are blackout shutters?

Blackout shutters combine interior window shutters and an integrated blackout honeycomb blind.

Shutters alone can only reduce external light so much. This is because of the adjustable louvres – the fact that they’re adjustable means a little light ‘bleeds’ through the tiny gaps. This light reflects – especially on white shutters – lightening your room.

To combat this, a retractable integrated room darkening blind sits behind the shutter and in front of the window pane. This slides down and covers the window entirely, blocking virtually all light.

When you combine these two products, you get the ultimate window covering. Shutters look beautiful and offer a range of benefits – and the blackout blinds mean you’ll get a restful night’s sleep.

Here at Shuttercraft, “Shutter and Shade” is the name we give to our blackout shutter blind range.

a blackout shutter
control natural light

What are some of the benefits of shutters with integrated room darkening blinds?

Take a look at some of the benefits that a blackout shutter solution offers:

Reducing natural light

Unsurprisingly, reducing natural light is the most significant benefit of blackout plantation shutters and integrated blinds.

In the UK, sunset times vary by almost five and a half hours between summer and winter. This makes keeping a regular bedtime routine virtually impossible if you’re sensitive to light levels in your room.

Not getting enough sleep can significantly affect your mental and physical well-being. Blackout shutters and blinds put you in control of light levels in your home.

Adding insulation

Shutters are the single most effective way to reduce heat loss in your home. This is thanks to the layer of high-quality hardwood helping to keep the heat and cold locked in.

That said, there is an even more effective solution. You’ve guessed it – wooden shutters and blinds.

According to the Centre for Sustainable Energy, a blind and shutter combination will reduce heat loss by 68%. This is likely a low figure, too – since it’s based on roller blinds.

Since our Shutter and Shade blinds have a single honeycomb cell construction, the savings will likely be even more impressive.

energy saving graph
enjoy more privacy

Additional privacy

When it’s time to get out of bed and ready for the day, you can lift your blackout blinds and close your plantation shutters.

This gives you great control over privacy while still being able to control the light. If a bit of morning sunshine helps you wake up, you can angle your shutters’ louvres to get the morning rays without compromising privacy.

You can keep your shutters closed all day too. Your home still looks loved and lived-in – but you don’t have to worry about prying eyes being able to see inside.

Not getting enough sleep can significantly affect your mental and physical well-being. Blackout shutters and blinds put you in control of light levels in your home.

Where are plantation shutters with integrated blackout blinds most useful?

Look at where some of our previous customers have had plantation blackout shutters installed in their homes.


Perhaps the most obvious choice – bedrooms are the ideal location for blackout shutters and blinds.

While it’s virtually impossible to get curtains or stand-alone blinds to shut the light out completely, blinds built into a made-to-measure shutter frame have no problem.

Changing sunrise and sunset times are a problem for most people, but shutters and blackout blinds benefit shift workers and other people who need to sleep through the day.

blackout shutter blind bedroom
Children’s bedrooms

Children’s bedrooms

While most adults relish the idea of a little longer in bed – children often want to start their day as soon as the sun comes up!

As parents or carers of young children, getting enough sleep yourself often relies on little ones having a regular sleep pattern. Shutters and blinds that offer complete blackout can help with this significantly.

You’ll rest exceptionally well knowing there are no dangling cords or blind controls to worry about either – they’re all safely tucked away behind the shutter panel, away from little hands.

Home cinema spaces

If your idea of a perfect night in involves a movie or a box set with snacks and drinks, blackout shutters can be the perfect addition to your room.

You don’t have to compromise on your room’s appearance to get this ‘home cinema’ experience.

The shutter panels used in our Shutter and Shade range are the same as the ones you’ll find elsewhere in our product range – and the blind can be hidden completely when not in use. You can have all the perks of blackout shutters without losing any aesthetic appeal.

Home cinema

Professional fitting for the complete blackout experience

If you’ve ever tried fitting roller blinds or Venetian blinds, you’ll no doubt understand how difficult it is to get them to fit perfectly in your window recess.

The trouble is, fitting that’s ‘out’ by just a millimetre means light floods into your room when the sun rises.

Even the best blackout window treatment can be ineffective if the installation isn’t correct. We include professional installation with every Shutter and Shade combination we design and manufacture.

We don’t want the early morning sun to spoil a good night’s sleep. So, from a precise measurement visit to exact installation, we’ll do everything we can to ensure your room is as dark as possible! On we design and manufacture.

Would you like to learn more about blackout shutters and shutter blinds?

Hopefully, this beginner’s guide to shutters and blackout blinds has given you plenty of information to help you decide if a Shutter and Shade combination will suit your home.

However, we understand that everyone’s homes and needs are unique. Therefore, we’d be happy to answer your questions if you need any further information about blackout shutter blinds!

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