Quick Answer: Venetian blinds for kitchens are perfect because they are easy to clean, they can be waterproof, specific designs are flame retardant, and they don’t hold cooking smells. They also give you enhanced control over the light.

Venetian blinds for kitchen areas are a prevalent choice. This is partly due to their clean lines and timeless style – but they’re also an efficient choice.

In this guide, we’ll look at the benefits of Venetian blinds in the kitchen – comparing them to other window dressings, including kitchen roman blinds, vertical kitchen blinds, and kitchen curtains.

Venetian blinds benefits at a glance:

  • Venetian blinds for kitchen and utility room areas are easy to keep clean
  • Water-resistant Venetian blinds are perfect for the high humidity in a kitchen
  • Cooking smells don’t cling to Venetian blinds
  • The slats on Venetian blinds make it easy to control the light in your kitchen

Along the way, we’ll hopefully answer one or two kitchen blinds FAQs, too – so you’ll have all the information you need when choosing the right blinds for your space.

Venetian blinds for kitchen areas are easy to clean

Kitchens are hardworking rooms – so kitchen blinds need to be up to the job. It’s probably no surprise that kitchens are considered the dirtiest rooms in a typical house.

While dishcloths and sinks tend to harbour germs, the fat and steam created by cooking ensure that all your kitchen surfaces get grimy over time.

This makes fabric window dressings (such as kitchen roller blinds, Roman blinds and curtains) impractical.

While Venetian-style blinds aren’t immune from airborne grease, they are infinitely easier to clean than their fabric alternatives.

A bowl of warm soapy water, a cloth, and 2-3 minutes will have Venetian blinds looking pristine again. Just make sure you’re not using that dirty dishcloth!

venetian blinds kitchen
blinds for kitchen

Waterproof blinds are perfect for high-humidity areas

Your kitchen is a high-humidity area. As such, the kitchen window blinds you choose must withstand airborne moisture.

Unfortunately, this is an area where many blinds and curtains perform poorly. Fabric gets heavier as it holds water – and the damp fabric is significantly more likely to attract dirt. Damp fabric is also more likely to become misshape over time.

Unfortunately, wooden blinds – even those marketed as wooden kitchen blinds – can also suffer from the effects of moisture over time.

This is why we created the Albaro range of blinds. As faux wood blinds, they are virtually indistinguishable from wood in both look and texture – but they have none of the natural wood downsides.

The 19 coatings and finishes in our Albaro range make them a hugely popular choice in kitchens.

You’ll have no problem finding a perfect match for your interior design tastes. What’s more, they are coated in a UV light protection polymer – helping prevent fading, so they perform well no matter how bright or steam-filled your kitchen gets.

Our blinds are flame-retardant

According to studies carried out by leading insurers, fires are more likely to start in the kitchen than in any other part of the home. This makes people consider the implications of having wooden blinds or fabric window dressings.

By carefully choosing the right Venetian-style blinds for your kitchen, you reduce the chance of them adding to the risks associated with cooking appliances.

The Venetian blinds in our stylish Serino and Albaro ranges are created using processes and materials that make them compliant with UK fire-resistance standards. This is a crucial element of kitchen safety and can help prevent minor incidents from becoming more serious.

Blinds don’t hold cooking smells

Since they are not made of fabric or porous materials, our Venetian-style blinds do not hold cooking smells.

This is excellent news; after all, even the most appealing cooking smells become unwelcome in your home after you’ve eaten.

The trouble is, the smell is carried in the grease and steam created when you cook – so unless you’re willing to get the fabric cleaner out after every meal, those smells will cling to vertical blinds, roller blinds and curtains.

Since they’re waterproof, the right Venetian-style blinds will not absorb fat, grease, or moisture. Again – a quick wipe down from a clean cloth will have them looking fantastic again.

Blinds let you filter the light coming through your kitchen windows

Since kitchens are often the social hub in UK homes, many houses are built with east or south-facing kitchens – maximising the light that comes into your room.

In some respects, this is fantastic – creating a light and airy space that feels clean and inviting. However, bright sunshine isn’t always ideal, so Venetian-style blinds allow you to filter the light to your liking.

If you’re up early and not quite ready for the full strength of the sun, you can adjust the slats in your blinds to give your room a pleasant glow.

Equally, if you’ve got an overlooked kitchen, you can adjust your blinds, so you don’t feel like you’re being watched while you rustle up an evening meal.

Choosing Venetian blinds for kitchen areas in your home

If Venetian-style blinds sound like the perfect choice for your kitchen windows, why not get in touch and chat with our friendly team about the vast range of colours, designs, and features you can choose from?

We’re always happy to arrange a free survey – with absolutely no obligation. That way, you have all the information you need to decide if Venetian blinds for your kitchen and utility areas are right for you.

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