Blinds for Velux windows can transform the atmosphere in a room – gently filtering the daylight that enters your room. That said, choosing the right blinds can sometimes feel challenging.

How do you know which styles will work?
Do you need genuine Velux blinds? How easy are they to install?

If you’ve got questions – you’re not alone! In this guide, we’ll explain:

  • Which blinds work well as roof blinds
  • Whether other brand blinds will work in your roof windows
  • How to make sure your new blinds are fitted to operate in your window perfectly

Quick Answer: Pleated blinds are the perfect choice if you’re looking for blinds for Velux windows. Most other blinds won’t work as the angle of skylight windows is incompatible with their design. A pleated blind will be a perfect fit for your window, offering exceptional privacy and light control – with the option of remote control for hard-to-reach windows.

Blinds for Velux windows: What works and what doesn’t

Before exploring too many blind styles, it’s a good idea to understand which blinds work and which don’t if you’re buying a Velux-style skylight window.

The following blind styles are not suitable for Velux windows:

  • Venetian blinds
  • Roman blinds
  • Vertical blinds
  • Panel blinds
  • Roller blinds

These blinds are not suitable because of the way they hang. They rely on gravity to keep them vertical – so they would not hang naturally down the length of a Velux-style window.

However, some great blind options do work, including:

  • Pleated blackout blinds
  • Pleated honeycomb blinds
velux window blind in living room

Pleated honeycomb blinds for a Velux window

Pleated blinds are the perfect addition to Velux-style windows. The different colour and light control options mean you can get a light level that works perfectly for your space.

Pleated blinds can be installed with discreet guide channels that are mounted on your skylight window. This means the handrail is guided as you move it up and down your window, preventing it from swinging. This channel also guides the blind itself, so it will never sag.

Often, it’s just the colour that decides whether a pleated blind will gently filter the sunlight entering your room or darken it completely. Light colours are a perfect choice if you’d like to filter the light without dulling it too much. Consider white, pale grey, light beige or other pale tones if you’d like to diffuse the light slightly as it enters your space.

Pleated blackout blinds for Velux roof windows

If you’d like a total blackout of light in your room, a dark-coloured pleated blind is a fantastic option.

A room darkening blind has the same mounting features as a normal pleated blind, meaning it will work in your Velux window perfectly. What’s more, the channels that guide your pleated blinds mean there are no gaps at the sides – so no light will creep in.

If making your room as dark as possible is your goal, it’s useful to choose a deeper, darker colour. Black, Indigo, Ecru and sand colours work well – but the honeycomb structure means some lighter colours can still be effective too.

electric blinds for velux windows in dormer window

Electrically operated blinds for a Velux window

Often, Velux skylights are in parts of your room that are out of reach. Don’t worry though – our remote control option means no stretching or stepladders are required.

Skylight blinds can be created with a discreet quiet motor built invisibly into the opening and closing mechanism. This means they can be controlled with the push of a button.

The neat remote control makes it quick and easy to partially open your blinds too – so precise light control couldn’t be easier.

Do I need specific Velux blinds for a Velux window?

In short, no, you do not. While the Velux company create blinds that are suitable for a Velux roof skylight, they are not the only blinds available.

By choosing blinds from an alternative manufacturer, you open up a world of additional possibilities – including different designs, colours, and remote-controlled function.

Blinds for Velux Windows: A Summary

Some blinds work well in Velux roof windows, and others don’t. Venetian, Roman, panel, vertical and roller blinds are not suitable for skylight windows – but pleated blackout blinds and honeycomb blinds are.

By opting for pleated blinds, you’ll add the exact level of light control you’re looking for – whether you want to block the light completely or just filter the sunlight to create the ambiance you’re looking for.

Electrically operated blinds with remote control are also available for hard-to-reach skylights, providing convenient and precise light control.

And don’t worry! Just because your skylight window is made by Velux, you’ll find a huge range of blinds by other companies that do an excellent job at adding privacy and light control to your room!

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