Bamfurlong Ln Cheltenham GL51 6ST

In 1931, Gloucestershire airfield was opened and served as a training base for pilots during WWII. Over the years it was used by military and the U.S Army due to its location being so close to Cheltenham.

After the War, the airfield was used to test and house a number of aircraft, and in 1993, the airfield was renamed Gloucestershire Airport, as the demand for this airport had increased over time. This name change was designed to increase the reputation of the airport in the aviation industry and help establish it as the business aviation centre for Gloucestershire as a county.

There have been a number of changes to the airport throughout the years; in 2009, the runway was lengthened in order to facilitate larger aircraft, despite controversy over the planning permission which caused arguments between local authorities and the community.

The airport features in the Guinness World Records as in 2014, volunteers baked 14,392 cupcakes in order to create the worlds longest like of cakes. The airport was used so that the cupcakes could be lined up along the runway to create what was at the time, the record-breaking line.

More recently, there are developments within the airport which are ongoing, anticipated to run from 2015 all the way to 2025.  These developments are backed by a £6 million investment which aims to create new hangers, and therefore more flights from Gloucestershire.

The majority of the flights in and out of Gloucestershire airport are private planes or for business travel, however there are some domestic flights, along with training flights too. Gloucestershire has become one of the UK’s busiest general aviation airport, and handles between 70 to 90,000 flights per year.

There are also pleasure flights available from Gloucester including helicopter rides, balloon flights and flying lessons, making Gloucester airport a great place to visit if you are interested in flying yourself, or experiencing something new.