16 Bridge Street, Swindon SN1 1BU

Rios Brazil Churrascaria is an authentic Brazilian steakhouse in Swindon. Unlike other steakhouses, the Brazilian style is more like a barbecue.

Rios Brazil is located in Swindon’s Old Town, among the alleys and side streets. The food is all you can eat and it is open late, so it is ideal for a mid-night-out snack.

This restaurant follows the famous rodizio (rotation) style service, designed for savouring meat at its best. This concept allows you to enjoy a variety of cuts of meat- beef, lamb, chicken and pork, unlimited for a fixed price.

After ordering your drink, you can just make your way to the salad bar, and help yourself from over 20 fresh salads, pasta, rice and traditional Brazilian Hot Dishes.

When you are back to your table, if you are ready for the meat, raise your green sign. At this signal the barbecue chefs descend, offering cuts of meat directly from the skewers. The meat is cooked to your preference and sliced at your table.

All of this food theatre creates a unique dining experience you are unlikely to find anywhere else in Swindon.

Once you have eaten your fill, put your wood sign red side up. If you can rally for another helping, you can always spin the sign back again. You can round off your meal with a traditional Brazilian dessert, or just order a coffee or something stronger from the bar.

Rios Brazil offers a dining experience that is unique. So, if you are looking for something a bit different, give this all you can eat Brazilian restaurant a try.