Preston-on-the-Weald Moors, Telford TF6 6DJ, England

Hoo Farm Animal Kingdom is a family run farm with a variety of animals, a focus on conservation and animal experiences. A former dairy farm which became a Christmas tree farm, when the owners brought in animals, it became clear that there was demand from the public to see them. And it has grown from there to the point that there is a veritable menagerie, but don’t worry, the sheep, pigs and goats are still there among the wolves and big cats.
The farm is divided into a variety of themes including:

  • Lemur Forest which contains capybara. Llama, ostrich’s prairie dogs, skunks, emus raccoons, and erm sheep. Its home to the popular Parrots of the Caribbean exhibit.
  • Animals of the world, featuring a bewildering array of owls, as well as Harris hawks, kookaburra, a variety of big cats, foxes, dogs, civets, possums and the zorilla, which apparently is the stinkiest animal in the world.
  • Rivers, rainforests and deserts, containing a variety of reptiles, a desert hedgehog and a tailless Tenrec. Fun fact: The tailless tenrec is the only species of the genus Tenrec which is native to Madagascar
  • Wallaby woods unsurprisingly has wallabies, but also reindeer, pigs, badgers, red deer, donkeys, parrots, wolves and more sheep
  • Other facilities include indoor and outdoor play areas, a large picnic area, Tearoom, Gift Shop, private group’s room, and free coach and car parking.

A daily programme of exciting and engaging events encourages audience participation in the form of collecting freshly laid eggs, bottle feeding lambs and goats, meeting the reptiles and placing a bet on the highly entertaining Sheep Steeplechase! These change through the seasons from and include events for Halloween and Christmas. New for 2018 a walk through Lemur Enclosure.
Overall, the farm is clean, well run and a great environment for animals and families alike