College Street, Winchester SO23 9LX

Winchester College is a boarding school for boys, located in the aptly named College Street in Winchester. Take a right at the buttercross and make your way across the edge of the Cathedral grounds.

The College was founded in 1382 by William of Wykeham, Bishop of Winchester. As one of the country’s oldest surviving schools. The richness of its heritage and the legacy of its founder are held in highest esteem.

A great many treasures, from ancient vases to modern artworks, are to be found and experienced first-hand at Winchester. Few boys can claim to have sung from one of Elizabeth I’s own songbooks, or to have studied Shakespeare from a first folio.

Visits to the College are informative, but hard to get. Admission to the College is by guided tour only. The school is fortunate to maintain 11 acres of formal gardens and more than 80 listed buildings, most of which you can visit.

Tours are led by experienced Tour Guides, with a focus on the medieval heart of the school. Discover the history held in Chamber Court, Chapel, College Hall, Cloisters and the 17th Century School building.

The Winchester College Treasury houses the school’s collections of art and archaeology. These include artefacts from Egypt, Greece and Rome, casts of the Parthenon Frieze, and Chinese ceramics from the Tang to Qing dynasties.

Remember that this is a working, active school. As such, your tour experience may be limited or not available due to a function or event.

Tours only take an hour, making the College a perfect diversion during an exploration of Winchester. After your visit, head up the road to the Wykeham Arms for a school-themed pint and lunch. Many of the tables are old school desks, which adds an entertaining theme to this Good Pub Guide Award-winning pub.