alternatives to blinds white portchester shutters in kitchen

Alternatives to Blinds: 8 Stylish Window Covering Options

If you're looking for alternatives to blinds, it's easy to assume that curtains and shutters are your only choices.

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White Wooden Shutter Blinds: What Are They and How Do They Work?

White wooden shutter blinds are a window dressing that offers absolute control of light, privacy, and fresh air throughout your whole room.

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Round Window Shutters: Adding the Finishing Touch to Your Home

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Modern Bay Window Blinds: How They Can Save You Money

Modern bay window blinds look fantastic in your home - but few people realise the extent of the money-saving benefits they offer.

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Alternatives to Shutters: 9 Attractive Options

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Window Dressing for Patio Doors

Window Dressing for Patio Doors: How to Choose the Right One

To choose the right window dressing think about how much privacy and light you will need.

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Wooden Window Shutters: How To Choose The Right Ones

To find the perfect wooden window shutters, pick the style that matches your property and interior design. It's a good idea to decide whether DIY or made-to-measure are right for you.