Boutique Hotel Window Shutter Transformation in Bath

Boutique Hotel in Abbey Green Bath collaborates with Shuttercraft to modernize the hotels interior, including the addition of shutters.

Energy-efficient Investments for Your Home

Have you considered investing in home improvements that not only positively impact climate change, but also help reduce your bills?

Shuttercraft Win Global 100 for Second Consecutive Year

Shuttercraft announced as winners of the Global 100

Snooping Time!

Research shows that spending on home improvement has rocketed during the various lockdowns, and the results of that spend are visible now, if you just go for a wander around your neighbourhood.

gable end barn conversion bishopstone

Shutter Solutions for Barn Conversions in Bishopstone

Local expert helps to find a solution whilst making the most of the sunshine and light streaming into the home.

How to make best use of the light

How to make best use of the light in your home

For many people, there is a compromise to be made between allowing natural light in and keeping their home as the private space.

6 Ways to Make Your House Look More Valuable From the Outside

With a few tips and tricks, you can make a huge difference to the kerb appeal of your house. Learn how to make it look more valuable to guests and even potential buyers.

What should I choose? Shutters vs. Blinds

New shutters or blinds can breathe fresh life into your home. The trouble is, how do you decide between them?

How to add value to your period home

Owning a period home is a luxury to be enjoyed. However, many homeowners freeze when it comes to renovating a period home as they’re unsure of the best way to add value to it.

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