Why you need a professional shutter installer

Looking to install shutters yourself? Selecting a company to come into your home can seem daunting at first, but with friendly fitters like those at Shuttercraft, you can rest assured of a quality fit every time.

How To Keep Cool When It’s Hot and Warm When It’s Not!

If you feel that you want more privacy and more control on the light seeping through your windows, then interior shutters are certainly for you. Not only do window shutters benefit the residents of the house, but they also give an element of kerb appeal as well.

Choosing between MDF or Hardwood Shutters.

When choosing between premium quality wood and engineered MDF – it’s not only about cost. The expense should never be the sole deciding factor, and at Shuttercraft we know this all too well.

Why remaining in darkness is the perfect way to a good night’s sleep

Follow these sleeping tips - Why your child needs good sleep - How to sleep better in the day - How sleeping less can affect your health - Find out what is the perfect sleep environment - A simple solution that helps you sleep better!

Top Interior Design Trends for UK Homes

Updating your furniture and fixings can make a real difference in your home, and breathe new life into your home. There are materials, colours, fabrics and themes becoming more and more popular that you may wish to consider.

Using made to measure room dividers for open plan living

Room divider shutters help make the most of your open plan home. Open plan designs are typically defined by the reduced number of supporting walls. Additional floors are supported by other methods such as hidden steel beams.

Kitchen Window Dressing Ideas to Improve Your View

If you’re worried about the size or shape of your kitchen window, then this article will help you settle on the best choice for you. We look at some of the key things to consider for the kitchen itself as well as different window treatment options available on the market.

Some tips for making the most of Victorian homes

There are a number of characteristics that can be found in your home to date the age of the property, and can raise its value. Although larger properties were designed to make bold statements, standard homes also include details that can help you recognise its age.

Transform your home with a splash of colour

Spring cleaning helps breathe new life into the spaces you love - a splash of colour can make the world of difference. Why not use this spring to have the spaces you love looking spick and span.

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