Quick answer! Triangular window shutters should be designed to work with your windows and your room. This might mean choosing from a single panel, a split triangle, or isolated triangle designs. Get it right, and you’ll have a beautiful shutter that adds privacy, light control, insulation, and kerb appeal to your home.

Dressing triangle windows can be tricky – but triangular window shutters make the task simple and elegant.

In this guide, we’ll take a detailed look at triangle window shutters, including:

  • Different styles of triangular window shutters
  • How to measure shaped windows for triangle shutters
  • The benefits of triangular window shutters
  • Why shutters are effective in a triangle-shaped window

Some different style ideas for triangular window shutters

There are different design ideas if you’re considering plantation shutters for a triangular window. They include:

A single triangular shutter panel

A single triangular shutter is often the best solution for a small triangular window. This design creates a single shutter panel that fills the whole window completely.

You have complete control over your louvres, and the panel opens on a hinge, usually at the bottom, so that you can access your window for ventilation or cleaning.

plantation shutters for triangular windows
fill a triangular window

Splitting the triangle in two

Creating two shutter panels to fill a triangular window sometimes makes sense. This way of fitting wooden shutters results in two independent shutters, usually mounted on a main frame.

This looks especially effective if the triangle window sits above patio doors, as it continues the central point at which your doors and lower full-height shutters come together.

Isolating the triangles

If you plan to install shutters on larger triangular windows, you might decide to ‘isolate’ the triangles in the window. To do this, our design team would usually recommend large square or rectangular shutters in the middle of the window, with smaller triangular shutters filling the remaining three points.

This is especially effective if you would like to access the middle of your windows – especially in cases where a triangular window is a home to patio doors or a large central opening.

Each shutter style listed above here requires either a bottom or central hinged opening – so if that isn’t practical for your room, isolating the unique shapes is a great way to minimise disruption in your space.

Isolating the triangles

How do you measure triangular window shutters?

Measuring for custom triangle-shaped shutters isn’t as straightforward as you might imagine. As well as measuring the internal length of each side of the window recess, you also have to consider the depth of the window.

This is important because many windows have an opening and closing mechanism – which the shutter panels or frame needs to clear. This means your shutters and windows will operate as intended.

Measuring must also include clearance to allow your shaped window shutter to open into the room. This is often overlooked, but it is crucial for operating your shutters and cleaning your windows.

The final design of your shutters will consider all this and more. Don’t worry; we offer a measurement visit free of charge or obligation. This means peace of mind for you; you’ll know your shutters will fit and operate perfectly when they arrive and are fitted.

measuring for custom triangle-shaped shutters
Triangular window shutters

What are some of the benefits of triangular window shutters?

Triangular window shutters offer a huge range of benefits beyond just looking impressive! They also boast:

  • Improved light control versus curtains and blinds
  • An added layer of insulation for your room
  • Perceived security from outside your home
  • An attractive look from the outside – adding kerb appeal

Why are shutters perfect for triangle windows?

Shutters are a beautiful addition to any window – but triangle window shutters solve a problem that virtually no other window coverings can.

Most window dressings rely on the top of a window being the same width as the bottom.

Curtains require a pole or fixing, and blinds generally need fixings as wide as the widest point of the window they cover.

This means that the only practical way to hang curtains and blinds involves hanging them outside the window recess, obscuring the shape of your window.

Since shutters don’t rely on any mechanism at the top of the frame, they do away with this problem entirely. Fully functioning window coverings that can come to a point at the top.

Get more information about triangular window shutters

By now, you can probably see that there’s no one-size-fits-all regarding shaped shutters. Instead, each window requires a unique design.

This is where we come in. Our expert design team has created thousands of triangular window shutters – so you’re welcome to get in touch if you think they’d be the perfect solution for your triangle windows!

window shutters

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