Quick Answer: Shutters are a perfect solution for large windows. Not only do they offer improved control over light and privacy, but they also free up floor space inside your home. There’s a style and mounting option to suit any window – and they are proven to reduce heat loss, keeping energy costs down.

As windows get larger, the ways of effectively and attractively dressing them get fewer. With this in mind, our design team members often talk to customers about the advantages of using plantation shutters on large windows.

Here, we’ll look at all of these advantages – including why wooden shutters offer more flexibility than curtains, how they can positively impact fuel bills, and how shutters can be a huge time-saver when it comes to cleaning and tidying your home!

Shutters offer improved light control

Larger windows bring more light into your home. While this sounds like it has no downsides, you’ll probably reconsider if you find yourself with the sun in your eyes on a sunny day.

Light can be fantastic, but only when we control it. This is precisely what shutters offer.

You can fine-tune the amount of light coming into your room by adjusting your shutters’ louvres. If you’d like to enjoy as much sunshine as possible, swing open your shutters on their hinges – or completely slide-back tracked shutters.

You can even have shutters for large windows made with two or more louvres panels in each section – separated by a mid-rail. The mid-rail allows for different sections of louvres to be controlled independently, increasing lighting control again.

Of course, curtains offer light control too – but they’re far more of an ‘all-or-nothing’ method. Sure, you can keep adjusting each curtain as the sun moves across the sky – but not convenient! At ease.

improved light control
boost security with window shutters

Shutters come with added security benefits.

Large windows can be a beautiful feature in a room – but being able to see into your home from outside comes with security worries.

According to the Met police, many burglars are opportunists – meaning they only break in if they see an opportunity and a reason. Larger windows expose more of your space to unwanted attention.

Since shutters can be made-to-measure to any size or shape of window, they can offer privacy throughout your home. What’s more, they offer this privacy without shutting out light completely – which is more than can be said for roller blinds or curtains.

Shutters also benefit from the different angles that louvres can be set at. While a house will look unoccupied if curtains are either open or closed for long periods, shutters can be set to protect your privacy without making your house look empty and unloved.

Large window shutters increase kerb appeal.

Window treatments are generally designed to look attractive inside your home. The backs of blinds and curtains can detract from how your home looks.

Unlike most window covering options, shutters look great from all angles.

In fact, not only do shutters look equally as good to passers-by as they do inside your home, but they also bring a pleasing symmetry to a property. A mix of blinds, curtains, and shutters can make a home look disorganised – but shutters throughout look especially considered and neat.

kerb appeal
natuarl light

Window shutters can open completely.

While it’s important to be able to control light and privacy in large windows, there are times when it’s nice to throw a window covering open completely and enjoy the daylight.

Shutters can be mounted in many ways – and, most of the time, there’s an option to have them open completely.

That might mean sliding them back on their tracks to expose the window. Then again, you might have a design that can be opened on a hinge so you can let the light in and swing the windows open.

Shutters don’t eat into your floor space.

If you’ve ever considered rearranging your living space but found your options limited, shutters for large windows can be a big help.

Most of the time, windows don’t stop you from putting furniture in different places. However, when you consider where your curtains will rest and how to get them to open and close, you run into problems.

Since new shutters will attach directly to your window frames or sit on tracks just in front of wide windows, they create more space in your room. In turn, this allows for lots of different furniture configurations to experiment with.

whole window shutters
save on energy bills

Indoor shutters add a layer of insulation.

After the spike in energy prices in spring 2022, fuel costs have remained a focus for millions across the UK.

There’s much to be said to ensure warm air stays inside your home. Windows are one of the most important places to consider.

According to the Centre for Sustainable Energy, shutters are the most effective single thing you can do to insulate a window. Shutters offered a 58% reduction in heat loss – compared to 41% for insulated curtains and 38% for roller blinds.

There’s a huge range of shutter styles for large windows

Large windows offer ultimate flexibility when it comes to choosing a shutter style.

You might decide that you’re going to cover the entire window opening with full-height shutters. Then again, you might decide that you’d like to keep the natural light at the top of the window and opt for cafe shutters.

Of course, you could go for a ‘best of both worlds’ solution and choose tier-on-tier shutters with an independently opening upper and lower portion.

large window shutter styles
shutter mounting options

Full-height plantation shutters offer a range of mounting options

Our shutter experts design shutters for a range of window types. This means there often needs to be flexibility around how shutters for large windows are mounted.

Typically, shutters for large windows are mounted in one of three ways:

  • Attached to the window frame directly
  • Mounted on a single track to create a bi-fold design
  • Mounted on double tracks to create a bypass design

The mounting options right for you will depend on various factors, including how you use your windows, whether you’d like to access your windows or French doors, and the overall width of your windows.

Ultimately though, your convenience is the biggest factor. However you use or access your windows, a mounting option will work for you.

Considering shutters on large windows?

Wooden shutters for large windows can be an attractive solution that turns a window into a feature.

If you’d like more control over the light in your room without losing any privacy, we’d love to tell you more about what we can do with shutters on large windows. There’s no obligation when you get in touch – just some helpful tips on how to find the best shutters for your home.

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